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AQ-King of the Mutants. Release Date: 8/28/08

Posted by alabamapitty on August 30, 2008

Well, AE has rolled out another beautiful release, and I loved it!

This quest, found in Granemor, focused mostly on learning more about how creatures in the No Man’s Land were mutated and changed. One thing it had that most releases today lack is difficulty.

While it did feature post-Sweep monsters, which are difficult in and of themselves (Ogre Shaman! Run!), it also had a neat little mini-game. The player is placed in a field filled with skulls. Four of them are magical, and, when found, move you forward in the quest. Pick the wrong skull, and you are required to fight a long, somewhat easy battle.This breaks up the monotony of just clicking the attack button over and over again. As far as quest content goes, I have to give it a 8.99/10. Just not quite good enough for a 9, sorry!

The rewards were Magic and Melee based, and ranged from darkness (magic weapons) to ice and fire (melee weapons). I didn’t find much use for them, as the low bonus to hit, coupled with the somewhat mediocre damage, wasn’t thrilling me. Still, for Adventurers who need ice weapons, this is a nice item to have. 8/10 on the rewards.

Anywho, this quest gave a better glimpse into the difficulty of monsters and weapons after the Sweep, as well as being more difficult than the norm. Over all, I have to give this release an 8.5/10


One Response to “AQ-King of the Mutants. Release Date: 8/28/08”

  1. eswitch said

    i think this is a bug. i’ve found all four magic skulls and all the do is to spin around and round and round… and the quest doesn’t move forward. i’ve tried the quest again today and still the same thing is happening.. how do you move on?

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