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Analysis of 8/29/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on August 30, 2008

This week’s release gave us a lot more than your typical run-of-the-mill update: Not only did we get an extremely deep and entertaining quest on Westion, but we also got our very first truly challenging, hard-core boss fight to test our Advanced House Mech’s mettle. Oh yea, and we also got some new head rewards for beating that exact boss. Oh wait, and we also got some new weapon rewards for beating Challenge 10 at the Knife and Spork. *head asplodes* Read on for the full analysis.


About: Where to start… where to start… well, why don’t we start with the supposedly main attraction, the new quest on Westion. Mayor Roy Silver thinks he knows who the culprit behind the troubling problems at Alamonia may be: a mysterious figure known as Firemane, who may have connections with the Vul’Kharim. After giving you his search warrant, you will embark on a long journey to find her. You start off in a huge open ridge area, where you have to collect 10 feathers from 10 conveniently located Vul’Kharim enemies to pass through. Once collected, you meet the master Vul’Khar, who gives you the directions for navigating through the huge sandsea. It is recommended to write the directions down, as they are relatively long and detailed. Once you get past that, you will have fight a Vul’Kharim to open up the path to the oasis. Once defeated, a trap door opens, and upon going through and passing through a few cave screens, you meet Firemane. Of course, you must fight her first (she is relatively difficult), but upon her defeat, you give her the search warrant and find out (surprise!) that while it isn’t really a search warrant at all: It’s a letter from Mayor Roy Silver asking to marry him! She was never really a suspect at all, as the mayor really deceived you in a way… 😛 But all hope is not lost from this quest, as Firemane will agree to help you find the reason for the disappearance of the missing ambassadors as long as you help with the Vul’Kharim problem. *takes a deep breath* The second major release this week was the Star Captain-only boss fight quest at the White Castle. As long as you have beaten the Soluna City questline (meaning dethroned the Kingadent) and are a Star Captain, you have the opportunity to try and defeat the Doom Harvest, the most difficult enemy in MechQuest to date. If you are not level 25, I wouldn’t even attempt to beat it, and if you are level 25 and have an Advanced House mech, give it a shot, because if you have the right setup and strategy, he is indeed very beatable. As a reward, you get a couple awesome new head weapons, and in addition if you have beaten the Knife and Spork Challenge 10 you will get some more Frying Pan rewards as well. *wonders if this has been the longest About section yet…*

My Opinion: The new quest on Westion can only be described in one word: EPIC. From start to finish, this quest was absolutely fantastic. The first part was nice because it incorporated Energy Blade fighting in an interesting way, having to fight increasingly difficult, differently colored Vul’Kharim enemies to gain enough feathers to pass through. Then we saw a very original, never before seen minigame come up with the navigating sandsea aspect. Then a quick mecha fight with a Vul’Kharim, a trap door opening, a difficult but beatable boss fight against Firemane, and then a very funny plot twist when it turns out she isn’t really a suspect at all. The quest was a perfect length for a non-repeatable quest, with just the right amount of variety of challenge, and a plot twist at the end for kicks. The many different backgrounds, scenery, new enemies, plot write-ups, and everything in between made this the most entertaining quest in MechQuest to date, in my opinion. And to be honest, I would have been perfectly satisfied with just this quest this week. But we also got the very first truly challenge boss in MechQuest, impossible for a level 24 and below, and very challenging for a level 25. The boss, named Doom Harvest, has a multitude of special abilities and fantastic stats, and is truly a great challenge for even the most hard-core of players. The rewards for beating it become some of the best head weapons in the game with some neat specials, and on top of that we got some rewards for beating the Knife and Spork Challenge 10. In fact, the only downside to this release was that AE promised three quests this week in the newsletter, while we only got two (the J6 quest did not come out). Obviously three is a very unrealistic number, but if you’re going to promise something, you should probably stay true to that promise, and AE didn’t. But if the only bad thing about an update is about something that didn’t get released, I’ll say the release was pretty darn good. 😉

Overall Grade of Update: 9.5/10. The .5 was taken off because of the quest that didn’t come out when it was supposed to, but other than, this was a superb release, and did indeed live up to its lofty expectations put on by yours truly.

Enjoy this super-duper-long analysis post! 🙂


4 Responses to “Analysis of 8/29/08 Update”

  1. ZamuelNow said

    This was an exceptionally well done quest. The only nitpicks are not with the quest itself but rather a few things within the engine itself that the excellence of this release exposes.

  2. *cough* Energy Blades fighting is terrible *cough*


  3. jezucoatl said

    yes, energy blade fighting is difficult.
    I find this quest almost impossible (i’m stuck at the vul’kharim red ones), because i can’t get my hands on the best weapons… (i’m not a star captain…)

    anyone has an idea?
    are there any armors or so for my character(not for mecha) and where do i find them?

    grtz jezucoatl

  4. Jane Goody said

    If you want to hear a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for 4/5. Decent info, but I have to go to that damn msn to find the missed parts. Thanks, anyway!

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