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Why AQWorlds Has An Edge

Posted by The Peanut Master on August 23, 2008

Meet RuneScape… World of Warcraft… Age of Conan… EverQuest… what do they all have in common besides being MMORPGs? They force you to play with other players. That may seem like a good thing, as you have the ability to communicate with other players, form parties and guilds, and otherwise enhance your gaming experience. But what may be their biggest strength may also be their greatest downfall. Take RuneScape, for example. As an MMORPG you are literally forced to play with and alongside other players. Whether or not you want to, you will always be surrounded by players. And those players don’t always have your best interests in mind. In fact, many have your own worst interests as their number one priority. They will steal your kills, attack the monsters you are attacking, follow you around asking you weird questions, and overall give you a hellishly hard time. And the worst part about it? There’s nothing you can do. Sure, you could switch to a different area/world, but there very well might be more of those same, disrespectful, noobish players in the next place.

Meet AdventureQuest Worlds. You may think this new MMORPG will be the perfect game with the perfect community; it seems that way so far. But the reason for that is because only paying players, meaning the ones who have upgraded either their AdventureQuest, DragonFable, or MechQuest accounts, have been able to play, and the vast majority of them are kind and considerate individuals who want to have a great time playing a great game with like-minded players. But as soon as AQWorlds opens up to the general public, those RuneScape jerks I was talking about will inevitably find their way here, with their sole objective to ruin your gameplay. And in the case of every other MMORPG, there’s nothing you can do about it. Try as you might to ignore these people, they will still be there ruining your gameplay, and it has forced many a player to quit these otherwise fantastic games.

Meet AdventureQuest World’s hidden solution: Instances. The original intent of instances was to avoid areas from overflowing. Only 20 players can be in any designated area (Battleon, Swordhaven, Sewer, Yulgar’s Inn, etc.). And if you happen to choose to join an area through the Map feature, you will join an instance that is not overcrowded, but with people nonetheless. But there is another way to join a new area: Through /join <location name>-<instance number>. In this way you can join any instance number, whether it be 1 or 1 million. In this way, you can get away from everyone else. If you aren’t in a social mood or you don’t feel like dealing with some immature players, just join a high, random instance and you’ll be all alone, and have the area to yourself.

And this is why AQWorlds will be different, and better, than every other MMORPG out there: Because all other games’ greatest weakness is not the case in AQWorlds. Those bad communities that haunt games such as RuneScape does not have to be the case in AQWorlds. And that, my friends, is not only what makes AQWorlds unique in its nature, but a better game for it.


20 Responses to “Why AQWorlds Has An Edge”

  1. Shindia said

    Instancing isn’t in anyway new, I’ve played several MMOs that have made extensive use of it (WOW and AO are 2 that spring to mind). Also I’m skeptical whether the join command in its current state has a permanent place in the game.

    Most other MMOs also don’t force you to work with others, there do tend to be benefits to grouping though and I’m sure those will appear in AQW as development continues (we don’t yet even have a grouping system but the presence of a healing class makes it clear they intend grouping to be an important part of the game). Therefore what you are flaunting as the greatest strength of AQW (the lack of need to interact) may just be a side effect of the infant stage of the game.

    If you’re expecting AQW to end up as a game that can be played as purely single player I have a feeling you’re going to be sorely disappointed eventually. What makes an MMO an MMO is social interaction, making one where none is wanted or needed is pointless.

  2. I think you misunderstood the point of my post. I am not at all trying to suggest AQW become a single-player game, why would I do that? That’s what’s going to elevate this game above all of AE’s other games, and I think the MMO aspect of it is in fact the current best thing about it. What I am trying to stress is that interaction with other players, what may be conceived as a big strength, can also turn on you and become a huge problem (see: RuneScape). AQW has an inevitable solution (for now), and whether or not it stays is anyone’s guess. I personally don’t see why it should be removed (maybe lessened in extent a bit), but that’s purely up to AE and this post is based off the present.

    I don’t know a whole lot about most MMOs, but from what I do know I don’t believe there is any kind of instancing such as AQWorlds. Where if you are doing a quest or something and someone’s really giving you a hard time or stealing your kills, it’s as easy as typing in a simple command and you can do the quest without the annoyance of other players. And then you can just as easily get back into the swing of things with other players and enjoying the MMO aspect of it.

  3. Tobi said

    I think of AE’s community as one of the only considerate and kindhearted communities left in the computer gaming industry, and the creation of an MMO did scare me at first, just as it did AE.
    But i’m sure that AE will go that extra mile and strengthen the number of ways to avoid players like these. I’m sure AE thought of every possibility when they made the MMO and although you can’t rid the game of people like this, I’m sure AQWorlds will have a significantly smaller number of these players.

  4. AQWorld’s community will, no doubt, be much better than that of other MMO’s, but the Alpha and Beta stages may give off a false impression of exactly how great the community really is. Remember, the only players who have been able to play the game are players who have upgraded their AdventureQuest, DragonFable, or MechQuest accounts, and most of those players are nice people who just want to have a great time. As soon as the game goes public though, those immature jerks will inevitably find AQWorlds and make lower the environment in which the game takes place. Probably not as much as most MMOs, but it will still happen to some degree. 😦

  5. ZamuelNow said

    Are you sure paid players behave better? I have seen a number low rate free players simply for being free players. A true test of how well people will act is when the game is “finished” and the floodgates come poring open.

  6. You can’t really gauge how well AQWorld’s community really will be until it opens to the general public. Judging by the amount of immature new players, we will really be able to see how good the game’s community really is. Right now I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of kind and considerate individuals, but that could very well change in the future.

  7. CHRIS said

    agreed that the aqworlds players are considerate. Was playing this am and got into a fight, was loosing, and another player came and rescued me and healed me to boot.

  8. Randomlvl5AQworldsplayer said

    I agree with this post, the community is nice, I havent seen any messed up players acting stupid and mean, but once those flood gates open, AQworlds will be VERY differnt from other games,it will be runescape but x10 better, Hopefully the community is better i find the bet atesting of AQworlds better then WoW and runescape and everything mixed together, Its a fun game. Either wait or pay 20$ on one of the games, its friggen fun O-o

  9. callumparker666 said

    most aqw players are rely kind and as for the flood gate opening im sure the aqw staff will deal with players like this and if not just post a complaint on thair forums and on monday they’ll check the forums and deal with that player.

  10. Edwin The Guardian said

    I’m playing this now and:
    1. Its better as a member because it gives you full access to the game.
    2. There will be weekly updates, so there is always something new to do or have.
    3. Payment for member ship is not that expensive. 3-months $20, 6-months $35, and 1-year $50.
    4. Everyone get the same amount of rewards(non-split) no matter what and KSing really don’t exsist in this game just go battle the same monster another player is battling to defeat it faster.
    5. Those who verified that there a Guardian, Dragon Lord, and/or Star Captain will be rewarded later with the Guardian class with the guardian weapons, Dragon Lord class, and Star Knight class.
    6. You can keep the weapon you want in that game for your entire time you play it thx to the weapon enchantment which will make your weapon stronger and more fit for what level you are.
    7. The quest are repeatable and some unlock new areas in dungeons in the dungeon quests.
    8. You can be any class you want with out anyone blaming you for anything.
    9. very low demand for groups since someone can just head to the area your in and help you defeat the boss or monster.
    10. You get to meet the AE team in the game if you run into them.
    11. non-members(non-payed players) will still get to do atleast 50% or what is released.
    12. Alot of classes come out and even Advance version of the warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Cleric class for members.
    13. I would keep going but there is just too many reasons you should play this game.

  11. Edwin The Guardian said

    P.S. my Character name is this name. See you all in AQworlds. BATTLEON!!!!

  12. it is true i have been through it most of times
    and thats why i dont buy member ship
    most people treat me unfair for no reason!
    so basically i believe this guy.

  13. KingSparta said

    I believe u but ur always comparing Runescape I mean hu cares if they have bad graphics or sucky gameplay but its cool once u get to play better. Also when I verified my account on aqw i wasnt a mem when one guy said he became a mem by verifying his acc so…HELP ME WHY AINT I A MEM????!!!!!?!? u can help if u want to im just confused.

  14. That person was lying, you can only become a member if you pay the subscription fee.

  15. Resk the Dark said

    This game is wicked fun, and i verified being a dragon lord and guardian, so I can’t wait for the classes, I’m happy enough now I don’t have to use canned chat.

  16. virsale said

    Interesting blog, i have bookmarked it for future referrence

  17. Cebellion said

    If there’s a game that caught my attention, it was this one. The community is rarely ever persistent on things you don’t want, for example, this guy wanted to trade accounts, and I said no. He said that it was ok. Due to the community and gameplay, this is by far my favorite MMO so far.

  18. ekspekt said

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

  19. Educated Guesser said

    This game is overpriced with the amount of content is released, not enough quests to do, not enough items to buy (unless you want to spend your own real life money on adventure coins), a lot of hackers, unlike in runescape when your membership expires you are stripped of your items (as in they become unequipable) and then the items that you farmed for for hours are then useless unless you want to dish out another $20. Wish I could get back all those hours I wasted of my life while I was farming.

  20. Nitakai said

    Uh dude i know this article has been up for awhile…but the whole “switch to a random instance” doesn’t really work that well if the annoying player has any idea of how to use the /goto command. All they have to do is type /goto and they’ll be able to follow you to the same instance. This is why AQworld’s system of instances isn’t foolproof.

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