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Dragonfable: Release Predictions August 21st

Posted by Chickencowlord on August 22, 2008

Since there is no guaranteed release, I’ll speculate on what may come.

Galanoth’s Next Quest

It seems very possible that Galanoth’s next quest in the chain will be released. Hopefully this one will have a little more story and more variety in monsters. Also, possibly it’ll actually have some dragonslaying, if that’s too much to ask.


Yeah, I’m including dragonslayer armor. It’s possible they may surprise us with DA-only testing or possibly even the full armor. I’m guessing the armor could possibly be fully available for even non-DAs. I wouldn’t put hopes up too hogh for that, though. Hopefully the armor will be useful against things besides dragons too. It is very likely it’ll be unlocked by the Ice Dragon scales. If it is released, I’ll post an analysis in celebration.

Celestia’s New Quest

Perhaps there will be another quest in Celestia’s baby dragon chain. It seems possible since they released the second quest just a week after the first. I certainly hope this one will be a little more than a minigame. Possibly even something like her first quest, which was spectacular.


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