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Class Analysis: Paladin

Posted by Chickencowlord on August 11, 2008

Next I’ll review Dragonfable’s Undead slaying class, Paladin. I’ll be giving both DAs and Non-DAs a score for the armor. DAs for the full, non DA’s for their half.



1: Heal
2: Bless
3: Mana
4: Pacify
5: Weak
6: Blind
7: Protect
8: Strike (DA)
9: Combo (DA)
10: Birds (DA)
11: Spear (DA)
12: SoEL (DA)
13: Zeal (DA)
14: Spirit (DA)

General Pros: Many skills convert element to light, so very good against undead. Has Multiple healing abilities.

General Cons: Lots of chance based skills. Stun not very effective. Many skills convert element to light (that can be both a pro and a con)

Skill Analysis

Heal: Heal 20% of your total HP. This skill can be very good when you lack a health potion. It’s VERY good for higher levels as it heals a percentage, not a certain amount. However, this also makes it bad for lower levels, since it will heal less then the minimal potion until you get around 500 HP, when it will start toheal in the 100s. Useful when you don’t have any potions. Score: 80%

Bless: Small chance to heal on attack. This just kind of heals a random amount of HP and has a pretty small chance to happen at that. I don’t recommend using this unless you don’t have any HP. Score: 53%

Mana: Chance to recover MP on attack. This is very much the same thing as Bless, but for MP. But I’ll give it more credibility since it may heal a little more than any mana potion. Useful when you need mana but don’t have a mana potion. Score: 60%

Pacify: 20% Chance to stun for two turns. This is easily the worst stun on any class I’ve seen so far on any class. 20% chance to stun, then it only does it for two turns. Still, it has 0 cooldown, so you can try it until you get it right. PLUS you have to use an attack before you can use it I suppose it could last a long time if you got really lucky.  Score: 51%

Weak: 20% Chance to reduce target’s light resistance. This is another bad “20% chance skill”. Still, it lasts ten turns, so I’d put it a little above pacify. Useful at any time you’re ready to give a HUGE test of luck. Score: 60%

Blind: 20% Chance to give -50% to hit. This skill isn’t very good either.  It’s a 20% chance to work, and the enemy still has a 50% chance to hit you.  Once again, this is useful to make last a long time if you get lucky enough once. Score: 50%

Protect: 20% Protection to darkness. At least this one is guranteed. Still a pretty low amount of protection I suppose it would be useful against very high attack darkness enemies like the Doomcrawler. It unfortunately does not stack. Score: 65%

Non DA Score: 30% (Lots of loss due to only half the skills, plus that half pretty much sucks…)

Strike: 140% Light damage. Very useful while waiting for other skills to cool down. Score: 76%

Combo: Four hits of 30% with guranteed crit each turn. Total of 240% light damage. This skill is probably one of the best Paladin has and one of the best skills in any class. It converts your element to light, making it useful against the undead. But that is both an upside and a downside. Useful any time during battle. Score: 94%

Birds: 3 hits, 120% damage to the undead. Obviously this’ll be most useful against the undead, but is very useful anywhere else too. Score: 91%

Spear: Two hits of 100% light damage. This is really an awesome skill. Doing 200% damage and an awesome animation to boot! Too bad it transfers damage to light. Score: 89%

Swords of Eternal Light: Five hits of 30% to random enemies. This attack is no substitute for a good multi. And not that great against singe opponents either when you could use a Spear or Combo. And it obviously converts damage to light. Somewhat useful against multiple enemies. Score: 69%

Zeal: Three hits of 75% damage. All the damage of a warrior’s triple without having use other skills first! However, it converts the element to light. Useful at just about any time. Score: 92%

Spirit: 100% Heal at the cost of all MP. This skill would be an awesome skill to use if it didn’t have that initial 48 turn charge. At least it trnasfers from battle to battle. Because of that, you’ll only be able to use it in the longest of quests. Still, when you use it, it’s a great “desperate” skill. Great if you are weak and have no other means to heal. Score: 73%

DA/Overall Score: 66%

As always, I encourage comments.


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