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DragonFable August 8th Release Predictions

Posted by Chickencowlord on August 8, 2008

Alright, we’ll be getting a new Celestia quest today. It looks like that is all we’ll be getting, however. I’ll be trying to review the release before it comes out. Then re-review it when it is out. Much like The Peanut Master does it.

Celestia’s Quest

This is the only thing coming out today (that we know about, anyway). But it looks okay for all that it is. It’ll be a quest from Celestia (DA-only) where you apparently fight the dragon at the beginning of the game. (finally!) While this sounds like a fun quest, I fear it will be all too short. The really special dragon chow droprate will be nice. But I think this release will be just too short compared to recent releases. One simple quest. And non-DAs will be left in the dark. Maybe it’s because they’re preparing for AQW beta, but this release doesn’t sound all that great to me. Prediction: 7.0/10. Points taken off due to  the fact that the only release will be DA-only (and I’m a DA) and because this will probably have nothing to do with the what is going on right now.

Overall Prediction: 6.5/10 (.5 taken away due to the length of the release. Which sounds really short)


One Response to “DragonFable August 8th Release Predictions”

  1. AEplayer said

    oh no a da only quest i can’t play news on df
    on mechquest there is nothing only a better info screen
    and AQ a war

    not much to do

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