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Darkovia War: The End was not as good as hoped

Posted by mastabro on August 7, 2008

As we all know the 4-way war in Darkovia has recently come to an end, and I must say I am quite disappointed with the end of the end. The end result had the werepyres winning but the cutscene after never really gave the feeling that the werepyres had won. I thought there would be something different then that. I mean with that cutscene they might as well just made it a regular war instead of a 4-way war. I felt alot was left to be desired.


3 Responses to “Darkovia War: The End was not as good as hoped”

  1. firedemon7 said

    i sorta agree.but im a werepre and this war wasn’t such i disappiontment for me cuz it proves we a truly the ultimate sub race.the only thing we regret it not being able to go into the werewolf and vampire lairs.but then again why would we want to.the temp pet there aern’t good.

  2. firedemon7 said

    oh and i have 5000 hits. probably cuz my site has one page on aq and the rest are about club penguin.i game that has an age rating of 6- 14 i think.even though sum wierd 16 year old play it.

  3. firedemon7 said

    who were you fighting for?
    (man on a club penguin blog you get more chat.)

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