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Class Analysis: Dragonlord

Posted by Chickencowlord on August 5, 2008

Alright. Now I’ll be analyzing Dragonfable’s special DA only class. This also applies to Evolved Dragonlord and Color Custom Dragonlord. This class is supposedly best in the game.

Data (Guess where I stole it from)

DragonLord Armor

Level 8: DragonScale
Level 9: Pierce
Level 10: Rush
Level 11: Elemental Align
Level 12: Heal
Level 13: Multi Attack
Level 14: Stun
Level 15: Energy Beam
Level 16: Earth Dragon Spirit
Level 17: Fire Dragon Spirit
Level 18: Mana Regen
Level 19: DragonEye
Level 20: Berserk
Level 21: DragonHeart

General Pros: Two triple hit attacks. Very good healing ability. Elemental attacks.

General Cons: No autocrit, Berserk only activates at low HP.

Dragonscale: +80 defense for 1-3 turns. This skill is kind of hard to rate. It has the same effects and low cooldown of other class defense skills, but has a chance of only being effective for 1 turn. This is somewhat balanced out by the fact it also has a chance to last 3 turns, being nearly as effective as a stun. (Not quite as much, as there is a 20% you’ll be hit) Overall, I’d say that the chance very slightly takes away from this skill’s effectiveness. Usful anytime in a battle. Score: 90%

Pierce: 50% Chance to do 200% damage. This is another skill very hard to determine, as it has a 50% chance to do pretty major damage (much more than a warrior’s double) but it may also be one single hit. But either way it’ll go towards rush, which is a triple attack. The fact that you have to do a plain attack to use this skill is also a bit annoying. Useful anytime you’re able to use it. Score: 86%

Rush: Three hits of 66% damage, totalling in 198% damage. Ironically, this skill does just a bit less damage than a succesful 200% pierce. However, there is no chance in this attack, making it more reliable than Pierce. This skill is useful any time you can use it, since it takes a few attacks just to be able to use it. Score: 89%

Elemental Align: +50 resist to all elements. In other words, the enemy does half damage. This is one of the best defensive skills out there. VERY useful against high HP and high attack enemies like the Doomcrawler. It’s low mana cost and cooldown make it very easy and affordable to use multiple times per battle. Very useful at the beginning of a battle. Score: 92%

Heal: 30% Heal over 3 turns. This skill is great when you’ve exhausted your potions and need to heal. The fact that it heals over 3 turns is bother good and bad. While it lets you recooperate. It has a high mana cost and high cooldown, making it costly and impossible to use conistently. Great to use any time you’re weak. Score: 89%

Multi Attack: Attack all enemies with a wind attack. This Multi is better than Warrior/Rogues since there are more enemies weak to wind, it still isn’t too much better since there are also more resistant to it. Useful against multiple enemies, just so long as they aren’t wind elementals. Score: 76%

Stun: Stun for 3 turns. This stun is a little better than any other one. Better than Mages/Rogues and other non-hit stun classes because it does damage. And better than Warrior’s because of a lower cooldown. I could use this skill 3 times against the OMG crawler, where I might have gotten 2 with warrior. Score: 96%

Elemental Attacks: Energy Beam, Earth Dragon Spirit and Fire Dragon Spirit. Each does the corresponding element’s damage and leaves a DoT on the enemy. The DoT is pretty good and makes these attacks better than the Mage ones. Useful against enemies weak against elements. Scores based on the amount of enemies with a significant weakness to the element, and slightly raised because of the DoT on each of them.

Fire Score: 91% Energy Score: 85% Earth Score: 83%

Mana Regen: Restore 25% MP. This skill is incredibly helpful since many of the DLA’s attacks cost MP. 25% regen makes it much more useful than a mage’s 10 mana regen. Though 25% won’t be that much for lower level players. Very useful when you’re low on mana, obviously. Score: 81%

Dragon Eye: 100% chance to hit.  This skill is incredibly useful and much better than the Warrior one. It has a 100% chance to hit, making it impossible to miss, obviously. Very useful against the occaisional mushroom enemy. Also very useful for finishing a battle. Score: 89%

Berserk: You must have health below 30% for this skill. You do 6 hits of 25% percent damage, for a total of 150% damage. You also get +20 crit, making a critical hit very likely. This skill is great when it can be used. And you’re more than likely to get at least a crit or two. Useful when it can be used. Score: 79%

Dragonheart: You must have a DoT on the enemy before you can use this attack. It is 3 hits of 75%, totalling in 225% damage. With only one skill required to access and use this skill, it is very useful. Doing around the same amount of damage as a warrior’s triple. It has a small cooldown and you could perform a rush while witing to use it again. Score: 95%

Overall Score: 87%

As always, feel free to comment on whether you agree or disagree with me.


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