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Dragonfable Design Notes August 1st, 2008

Posted by Chickencowlord on August 2, 2008

Alright, the war is here! The release review will be up momentarily. I completely forgot to post these DNs. I think I may stop doing DN posts since you probably check the site before you check back here.

3 more weeks of no texts . sad face.
Too Busy
Pwning To
Put Anybody

August 1st, 2008
It’s The Monkees!

Hi Guys! The release is live.

There have been a few changes to the plan. First…. there are, as of yet, no weapon drops in the war. This might change over the course of the war… I guess that depends on how fast you guys get to 50% (HINT).

Also, instead of having to complete the Pirate / Ninja Inn quest chain to participate in the war (which is fair but not very cool), we decided that the being changed into a monkee with all of their amazing skills was too good to miss. Anyone can play in the war.

Some of you have noticed that you can break the (very very weak) monkey curse bu equiping the ChickenCow armor. Some people think that this is an awesome exploit because you can equip ytour favorite weapons in the war. Those people are kind of slow.

The rest of you noticed that you can equip ANY WEAPON THAT YOU WANT as a monkee. It doesn’t change the monkee’s weapon’s appearance, but the damage and element definately change.

This is the first time you guys get to wear the Monkee armors. Why would you want to be a fighter, rogue or mage? Let the ChickenCows have their fun, I say!

Dragesvard also got an upgrade. All 3 of Galanoth’s random quests are now open for business and drop the stackable Ice Dragon Scales (which will be used later in the zone, as usual).

Ikea has also opened her store for business. It doesn’t have a lot of items in it yet but that will change as the zone grows. Still… the Dragesvard location is one of my favorites AND who doesn’t want a replica Dragonslaying Lance in their living room?

Enjoy the war and the 3 new quests guys!

Have a good weekend! Or Else I’ll have it for you!


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