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Drakel Power Mech Buffed!

Posted by Chickencowlord on August 1, 2008

Blues posted this on the forums. I think this mech needed a slight buff, and I’m glad it happened

Because of a DataBase issue the stun resistance got deleted. It is back now.
Also yesterday the BA and Shoulder Weapons got a significant buff for the special attack.
The sphere reflect is also much higher than 10%.
All NG versions are now already merged, so no need for the powercell.
Also the frying pan Gremlin is fixed.

I read many many complaints and also many things that were not right.
I´m sure this was not intentional. The Problem was IMO that many of you
did not refresh/reload the game which is necessary to get the updated versions.

So, please Refresh/Reload!

One thing I want to say is:

This is NOT the ultimate killing machine and will never become it.
It is a nice and decent Mech amd it´s really good against certain enemies.
Now that the stun resistance is back it will perform also better against others.

I would say, give DPA a try. Test it with different activation strategies, if you want also with
some other Weapons and I am sure you will like this Mech as much as I do.

Now, have fun people!


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