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Class Analysis: Rogue

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 30, 2008

Alright, next I’ll be looking at rogues, the only class in the game so far that dual wields.

Data (You can guess where it came from)

Rogue Leathers
Sneaky sneaky
No DA Required

Level: 1
Rarity: 1
Category: Armor
Equip Spot: Body

Level 2: Stealth
Level 3: Rapid Attack
Level 4: Surprise Attack
Level 5: Smoke
Level 6: Distract
Level 7: Poison
Level 8: Throw
Level 9: Mind Numb
Level 10: Tangle
Level 11: Aimed, Wild daggers
Level 12: Blind
Level 15: Potion
Level 18: Final Strike

General Pros: Atacks twice on a normal attack, doing 55% to 60% damage each hit. This also means that if you miss the enemy once, you still have a chance to get some damage in. Can drink free potions. Best DoT skill of the three base classes.

General Cons: Must train into three stats for maximum effectiveness. Has some useless skills.

Skill Analysis

Stealth: +10 Crit for 10 turns. I would think this skill is horribly bad if it weren’t for how long it lasts.  Because of it’s length, it is excellent for starting long battles and will probably get you at least one crit. Score: 81%

Rapid Attack: You attack for times. Of course since you’re a Rogue it’s only twice technically speaking. You get 200% damage out of this skill, making it almost as good as a Warrior’s triple. Great anytime during a fight. Score: 94%

Surprise: One big attack of 150%. Stealth required to use. While not as damaging as rapid, this skill is pretty good. Having to use a stealth before it kind of makes it less useful during quick fights, but alternating between it and rapid can prove to be a very damaging technique. Score : 89%

Smoke: +80 Dodge for 2 turns.I often use this skill when fighting a stun resistant enemy, and it can be great help, as enemies can’t prevent you from gaining defense (so far, any way). The low cooldown also makes this very useful, (although it’s balanced out by the fact that the skill only lasts 2 turns) as you may be able to use it several times in a single battle. Another great thing about this skill is that it prevents all enemies from hitting you, not just one. This is great if you need time to heal or if you need to attack without being hit. Score: 91%

Distract: Distract the enemy for 3 turns. This stun is good, but somewhat less useful than the warriors, as it does no damage. But that is balanced out by the fact it cannot be blocked, and will only be unsuccesful if the enemy resists. Useful when you need time to heal and whatnot. Score: 94%

Poison: 100% damage and 5 turns of DoT. This skill is easily the best DoT skill of the base classes. It actually does 100% base damage on the first attack, and has a decent DoT for 5 turns. I’d recommend using this at the start of a battle. Score: 89%

Throw: Do ranged damage to a single enemy. This is a pretty useless skill, if you follow the basic Rogue skill build (which focuses on strength and Stamina, with a side of Magic) then you probably have very little in dexterity. Although there may be some Rogues who trained in it. All this basically is is an alternate attack doing less damage. Plus it converts your element to metal. Score: 60%

Mind Numb: You attack the enemy’s mana. Overall, I find this skill pretty useless, as most enemies in the game don’t even use mana, but it can help against the occaisional healing fairy. Not really any great time to use it in the average battle, as it’s almost useless. Score: 30%

Tangle: Another useless “Stop the enemy from running away” skill. Score: None

Aimed: Plus 20 to hit (accuracy). This skill is useful against the few enemies that increase defense, but is useless beyond that. Score: 78%

Wild Daggers: Attack all enemies with ranged damage. This can be useful against multiple enemies, but has a five turn cooldown that prevents consecutive use as well as the fact that it converts damage to metal. Score: 80%

Blind: -10 Bonus to the enemy (or plus 10 defense to you) for 5 turns. Having just a -10 to the enemy really downgrades this skill from the mage one. You can’t have any realiance on such a skill and I wouldn’t recommend using it anywhere. Score: 20%

Potion: 15% chance to drink a free potion (as in not taking any away from your inventory. This skill would be incredibly useful if it weren’t just a 15% chance. I wouldn’t recommend using it except in the most dire situations. Score: 40%

Final Strike: Guaranteed crit. This skill is great for major damage (although natural crits do a little more damage). Great for starting a battle or using after a stun. Score: 95%

Overall Score: 72%

I encourage you to comment whether you agree or disagree with anything in this post.

Next Class Analysis : Pirate or Dragonlord? Leave your vote here (along with anycomments about this post)


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