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It’s a Slow, Long, Grind…to the Next Percent

Posted by The Peanut Master on July 27, 2008

Remember all that optimism that the war on Khaeldron might be done by Monday, or even *shivers* Sunday? Yea, well, um, scratch that. A bunch of times. With a really dark pen. Maybe even a marker. Heck, just throw the dang thing out the window and forget you were ever associated with it. Because it ain’t happening.

Flash back to Thursday, about the same time as this post being written: We were at 25% through about 24 hours. We were gaining a percent every hour and at that point people were saying this whole thing could be over before next Wednesday, maybe even Sunday or Monday. Who could blame us? We were on pace to actually win the war by Sunday, so predictions of Sunday-Tuesday actually seemed pretty accurate. Not only that, but many people were claiming this war to be the best of them all, even surpassing the mighty ShadowScythe War 1, lasting all of two days. This war was the best of the best, and optimisim was running high.

And now lets flash back to the present, ala reality, ala nothing is really like it seems. 48 hours after the 25% outburst, we sit at 41%, scrapping and clawing our way just to make it to the next percent. Who cares about 50%, can we just make it 42? Don’t even think about geting this thing done by Tuesday, maybe if you were talking about next Tuesday it’s make more sense. Yes, that’s how bad it’s become. That’s how slow we’ve gotten. And now that I’ve finished my nice not-so-little introduction, let me introduce you to my friend “numbers”:

Here’s how the first 25% went: We were gaining one percent ever hour, and while I was farming the war, every time I’d get another kill the counter would move up another 1000, meaning there were 1000 other players farming the war as well. That meant that for every one person fighting the war, there was another 7-9 in-game not doing anything, or doing something other than the war. That may seem like a bad ratio to some, but there’s no denying the next stat is flat-out ugly.

Here’s how the last 10% or so has gone and is currently going: We are gaining one percent every five (5) hours, and while I was farming the war, every time I’d get another kill the counter would move up another 200, meaning there were 200 other players farming the war with me. That meant that for every person fight in the war, there was approximately 35 others who were in-game but not doing anything productive towards the war. Now that, my friends, is an ugly statistic.

We knew the war efforts would slow down, but this much no one could have predicted. Sentiment is at an all-time low, and those same people claiming this to be the best war at the beginning are now saying this is one of the worst. At this five-hour-per-percent pace, we would finish the war in 295 hours, or 12 more days, bringing the end date not to this Thursday, but *next* Thursday. Hey, maybe I was being too aggressive with that next Tuesday prediction early on in this post. 😉

Undoubtedly things will pick up as we head out of the weekend, but the thoughts of actually finishing this war this week have not only escaped my mind, but many others as well. Remember the first ShadowScythe War, with only 2 million waves lasting only 2 days? Yea, well, at this pace we’d have finished that war not in 2 days, but in 8. Yes, that’s quadruple, and no, your eyes are not failing you.

I’m really writing this post to make a point to everyone reading it: Just because we may get off to a fast start and just because we all assume it’s going to continue that speed, doesn’t guarantee it will happen, and right now you can see the effects of those thousands of players who fought the war the first day now letting the hard-cores do the heavy-lifting, and while the hard-cores can indeed do the heavy-lifting, they can’t do it alone.

Wow, I felt like I was writing a funeral speech whilst writing this, since it was so solemn and sad. 😦


4 Responses to “It’s a Slow, Long, Grind…to the Next Percent”

  1. Chickencowlord said

    Yes, it has slowed down almost to the point of the bug war. I’m sure we’ll get a boost at around 50% or so.

  2. adam said

    dont worry if the wars to long ae will make a lame excuse to give us more percent like the last westion war

  3. Chickencowlord said

    Well, what can they use now? “Some robot killing spray killed half the mechs in the mine!” lol.

  4. ZamuelNow said

    I really hope we don’t get any “divine intervention” in this War. AE needs to do like the Necropolis War and say “no new releases until the War is finished”. This will encourage more people to help but it’ll give AE more breathing room to work on content.

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