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Introducing Mastabro!

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 27, 2008

After a few days, I found somebody to blog about AQ. Introducing the newest admin of this site: Mastabro!

He’ll be covering AQ and AQW as well. He takes lots of screenshots during AQW tests, so you could expect he will add something to the gallery.


5 Responses to “Introducing Mastabro!”

  1. mastabro said

    Thanks for the intro. Here is a pic i took of a bug on the AQW Log in screen:

  2. mastabro said

  3. Maegwyn said

    w00t it is Masta Bro! I visited this site before I knew you were involved!

    Masta Bro takes the most awesome of AQW screenshots – he is always ordering us to do stuff 😀 (But I don’t mind – it’s fun, and always comes out great!) Go “Team Triceratops!” =(Sweeney) Mae

  4. Yep, He’ll be adding his famous screenshots to the AQW gallery. Masta Bro was involved just recently, so that would be why you wouldn’t know he was yet involved. He should be posting all his stuff here as well as the forums, and whas been adding AQW to the Gallery. He was quite a lifesaver for us since The Peanut Master and me don’t play AQ that much.

  5. mastabro said

    I’ll have the first thing about AQ up on Friday and a thing on AQW the day after. I will do an overview of the Paladin Class for AQ first. I’m busy this week but i should have the overviews up by the above stated times.

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