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Class Analysis: Warrior

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 27, 2008

Since there isn’t a whole lot to do right now I decided to start analysing every class in Dragonfable. I’ll start first with Warrior, which is debatably the best base class.

Data (stolen from the DF pedia)

Warrior Plate
Hulk smash!
No DA Required

Location: Character Creation Screen
Price: N/A
Sellback: N/A

Level: 1
Rarity: 1
Category: Armor
Equip Spot: Body

Level 2: WarCry, Double Attack
Level 3: Triple Attack
Level 4: Defensive Stance, Mana Strike
Level 5: Stun, Multi Strike
Level 6: Throw
Level 7: Trip
Level 8: Aimed
Level 9: Power
Level 10: Strength Strike
Level 11: Wound
Level 18: Final Blow

General Pros: When you begin leveling, you often get two skills in one level. Has lots of attacks that can do lots of damage. Has a stun in which the character inflicts damage as well as stunning. Has many good defensive abilities as well.

General Cons: Must be trained into three stats for maximum effectiveness. Has a few utterly useless skills, has no elemental based attacks.

Skills Analysis

Warcry: You sacrifice your turn for a +10 boost to damage. Personally , I find it a waste of a turn when you could be doing many other things to rack up damage. It would probably be best used after using a defensive skill/stunning the opponent. I suppose it could be useful in some scenarios. Perhaps if you needed a little extra boost to ensure that you killed the enemy. Score: 70%

Double Attack: You attack twice, as should be clear from the name of the skill. Although the damage of each hit is reduced to 75%, making the total damage done 150%. I think this is a great addition to the tank-type class that is warrior. This can be used at any time as long as you’ve attacked the enemy and is great in any scenario. Score: 90%

Triple Attack: You attackfor three hits of 75% damage, for a total of 225% damage. This attack is really useful, and is great for following up a double. Also great for finishing of an enemy. Score: 95%

Defensive Stance: You gain +80 Defense for two turns. I often use this skill when fighting a stun resistant enemy, and it can be great help, as enemies can’t prevent you from gaining defense (so far, any way). The low cooldown also makes this very useful, (although it’s balanced out by the fact that the skill only lasts 2 turns) as you may be able to use it several times in a single battle. Another great thing about this skill is that it prevents all enemies from hitting you, not just one. This is great if you need time to heal or if you need to attack without being hit. Score: 91%

Mana Strike: You attack the enemy’s mana. Overall, I find this skill pretty useless, as most enemies in the game don’t even use mana, but it can help against the occaisional healing fairy. Not really any great time to use it in the average battle, as it’s almost useless. Score: 30%

Stun: Attack the enemy and stun them for 3 turns. What really puts this above the other base class stuns is that it actually inflicts damage, and 100% damage at that. Great for starting a battle, as you can level their HP down to size. However, there are stun-resistant enemies, and this ability has a huge cooldown. Score: 91%

Multistrike: Attack all enemies with ranged damage. This can be useful against multiple enemies, but has a five turn cooldown that prevents consectutive use as well as the fact that it converts damage to metal. Score: 80%

Throw: Do ranged damage to a single enemy. This is another pretty useless skill, if you follow the warrior skill build (which focuses on strength and Stamina, with a side of Magic) then you probably have very little in dexterity. All this basically is is an alternate attack doing less damage. Plus it converts your element to metal. Score: 60%

Trip: Prevent the enemy from running away. A useless skill right now since the enemy never runs away anyway. AE either needs to add enemies that run away, or replace this skill. Score: None

Aimed: Plus 20 to hit (accuracy). This skill is useful against the few enemies that increase defense, but is useless beyond that. Score: 78%

Power: 150% damage. The main thing this skill has going is it’s 0 turn cooldown, besides that, it’s beaten by double and triple. Great for the first strike in battle. Score: 86%

Strength Strike: Reduce the enemy’s strength by 20%. This skill is great against enemies with high damage and high HP, and it’s low cooldown makes it easy to use it consecutively. Score: 80%

Wound: DoT on the enemy. This skill is pretty useless. You do extremely low damage and get a low metal DoT for it. This skill is best when it isn’t being used. Score: 40%

Final Blow: Guaranteed crit. This skill is great for major damage (although natural crits do a little more damage). Great for starting a battle or using after a stun. Score: 95%


If you agree/disagree with me, I encourage commenting. If you disagree, however, please state it in a pleasant matter and state what/why you disagree (with). No mindless flaming, please.


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