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Class Analysis: Mage

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 27, 2008

Next I’ll be analyzing Mages. DF’s magic based unit.

Data (once again stolen from the pedia)

Mage Robes
No DA Required

Location: Character Creation Screen
Price: N/A
Sellback: N/A

Level: 1
Rarity: 1
Category: Armor
Equip Spot: Body

Level 2: Arcane Shield
Level 3: PowerBoost
Level 4: Meditate
Level 6: Fireball, Ice Strike, Wind Strike, Lightning, Sleep
Level 8: Blind
Level 10: MageFury, Mana Blackout
Level 12: Root
Level 15: Acid
Level 18: Final Blast

General Pros: Only have to to put points into two skills for maximum effectiveness (Intelligence and stamina). Has attacks for every element. Has a multi attack with 0 cooldown.

General Cons: There are many times when you must lvl up twice to get a new skill. Has some useless skills. No double/triple attacks, making it less effective against single targets. Stun does no damage.

Skill Analysis

Arcane Sheild: You gain +80 Defense for two turns. I often use this skill when fighting a stun resistant enemy, and it can be great help, as enemies can’t prevent you from gaining defense (so far, any way). The low cooldown also makes this very useful, (although it’s balanced out by the fact that the skill only lasts 2 turns) as you may be able to use it several times in a single battle. Another great thing about this skill is that it prevents all enemies from hitting you, not just one. This is great if you need time to heal or if you need to attack without being hit. Score: 91%

Power Boost: You sacrifice your turn for a +15 boost to damage for 5 turns. Personally , I find it a waste of a turn when you could be doing many other things to rack up damage. It would probably be best used after using a defensive skill/stunning the opponent. I suppose it could be useful in some scenarios. Perhaps if you needed a little extra boost to ensure that you killed the enemy. The mage version is slightly better than the Warrior one.  Score: 75%

Meditate: Gain +10 mana on one turn. This ability needs a serious buff or something. +10 mana won’t take you very far, and is certainly not worth wasting a turn over. I’d recommend using a mana potion instead. Not really ever useful when you have mana potions. Score: 45%

Elemental Attacks: Rather than covering each attack individually, I’m going to do it all at once, and give scores based on how many enemies the selected element would be useful against. The elemental attacks are one of the Mage’s most useful abilities. They are especially useful on quests with many different enemies with different reistances and weaknesses as it lets you do maximum damage without having to change your weapon. In other words, you can use all the damage of a doom weapon while converting the actual element over to fire, ice, wind, of energy. I kind of wish that they had done something like th elemental orb in AQ though, so that slots could have stayed open for other skills. And the amount of elements available is somewhat limited. Useful at any given time you wish to use them, plus they have a 0 turn cooldown. Fire: 90% Ice: 76% Wind: 86%¬† Energy: 76%

Sleep: Put the enemy to sleep for 3 turns. This stun is good, but somewhat less useful than the warriors, as it does no damage. But that is balanced out by the fact it cannot be blocked, and will only be unsuccesful if the enemy resists. Useful when you need time to heal and whatnot. Score: 94%

Blind: -50 Bonus to the enemy (or plus 50 defense to you) for 5 turns. This skill is all around pretty useful, as it reduces enemy’s chances by half. It doesn’t have as much reliability as Arcane Sheild since the enemy still has a 50% chance to hit you, but it lasts for five turns, so it does last much longer than a regular sheild. I’d recommend¬† using this at the beginning of a boss battle, since it could help you get some free hits to take the enemy’s HP down to size. Score: 78%

MageFury: This is quite possibly the best skill a mage has. It attacks all enemies with the element of the weapon you have equipped, and it has a 0 turn cooldown. Useful anytime you’re facing more than one enemy. Score: 95%

Mana Blackout: You attack the enemy’s mana. Overall, I find this skill pretty useless, as most enemies in the game don’y even use mana, but it can help against the occaisional healing fairy. Not really any great time to use it in the average battle, as it’s almost useless. Score: 30%

Root: Prevent the enemy from running away. A useless skill right now since the enemy never runs away anyway. AE either needs to add enemies that run away, or replace this skill. Score: None

Acid: 20% Damage for a 5 turn DoT. This is an okay DoT skill. I suppose it may wind up doing around 100% damage after those five turns, but I still wouldn’t recommend using this skill that often. Although it does have a small cooldown, meaning you could make the DoT last nearly forever. Score: 44%

Final Blast: Guaranteed crit. This skill is great for major damage (although natural crits do a little more damage). Great for starting a battle or using after a stun. Score: 95%

Overall Skill Score: 75%

Once again, I encourage your comments on this, whether they are negative or possitive.

*cough* I recalculated and realized I’d forgotten to add one skill.


7 Responses to “Class Analysis: Mage”

  1. Rayne said

    I have to disagree on the Acid skill. It does 3-5 DoT and if that wasn’t enough, you do a measly 20% damage on that turn. Over five turns it’ll do about 20 damage. When there are great skills like Mage Fury or even a regular fireball available, I really don’t see the point of using it.

  2. I wasn’t exactly a fanatic of it myself. If you really think it sould be lowered, I’ll lower it.

  3. Necromander said

    You might consider in this article that Mages stun has no chance of being blocked.

    The warriors stun can be Blocked, Dodged, and Parried, making it a bit less useful

  4. Oh, you have a good point!

  5. firedemon7 said

    i think your wrong on root. i think it should have atleast 1% becuase there is one enemy that runs away: Frydea 13th (IIX)
    he runs away when you kill him even though he has defences to root there is a chance you will hit him with it and stop him running away making the quest quite a bit easier.

  6. No, It has no rating whatsoever. Not 0%. It isn’t added when I do the math for the total score. If I gave it 1%, that would drastically drag the score down, actually.

  7. Nar Nar said

    im a level 18 mage on dragonfable and i didnt get final blast.
    why is that?

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