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Here We Go!

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 26, 2008

Hey, Chickencowlord here. This is the official (and only) unveiling of this website! Right now it is run by me and The Peanut Master. I’ll be covering DragonFable and he’ll be covering MechQuest. We’ll also both be half covering AdventureQuest Worlds. We’re looking for someone to cover AQ as well. We’ve been looking in the forums, but if you are interested, then leave a comment here. If you put a link to your character page in the comment, it will greatly improve your chances. We also have everything from our other blogs on here. Now this blog will be the main focus. But we wanted to keep all our info, so we imported everything (although we both deleted some from this site as well) By having one person for each AE game, this helps me take a breather from trying to cover 3 of the games on my old blog, but will also help review posts and other things like that be much more detailed. Look at one of The Peanut Master’s MQ analysis’ to see what I mean. Now you’ll be able to get reviews/predictions on all 3 AE games in that kind of detail.


– Chickencowlord


2 Responses to “Here We Go!”

  1. Drk penguin said

    so i am out of a job??

  2. If you want to put it that way. This is just an AE blog here though. You’re welcome to start a blog of your own though, and I’ll add it to this site’s blogroll.

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