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AQW Design Notes 7/23/08

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 23, 2008

Already the MMO is starting to spread around the internet. Here are the DNs:


July 23rd,2008
An Article on Final Alpha Testing

Safiria just sent me this link to an article about the final Alpha Test. As you can imagine, reading this filled the teams heart with joy and is inspiring us to work even harder!

Link to off-site article
Guardians Test New AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG
by Janienne Jennrich

Common Thai phrase of the day #5
Each day, special bonus, I am having commonly used, every day phrases translated just for you. Please try to use them in your casual conversations. Enjoy!

Kor tod krub… Mar pom hang laew… Chuay aow mun ork jak microwave noi krub (Note: The speaker is a guy)
Excuse me.  My dog is dry now. Can you take him out of the microwave?

Forum Question: Today is my last full day in Thailand… what would you like the tomorrows, final, “common thai phrase of the day” to be? This one… is yours to choose!


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