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Aqworlds Test Screens and Beta Release Date!

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 22, 2008

Alright, to start, here are today’s DNs.


July 22st,2008
Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who came to yesterday’s special “Bonus” Alpha Test. It was a huge success. It was incredible being half way around the world here in Thailand and still playing with all of you and the team. There were many objectives of this test — mostly to make sure we did not break anything with all of the code changes we have been making for Beta. We hope you had a good time and are looking forward to the next exciting release!


Coming next is the Beta release! Which means servers will be online continually, there will be new places, monsters items, features, and improved interface, speed…. actually just expect lots of NEW and plenty of IMPROVED! We may be doing imromptu mini-tests so check back often. I will be updating the design notes with sneak peaks of the new art!

Common Thai phrase of the day #4
Each day, special bonus, I am having commonly used, every day phrases translated just for you. Please try to use them in your casual conversations. Enjoy!

Rahad lub sum rub rabob rak sa kwam plod pai kong khun kue arai?
What are the top secret security codes to your defense network?

This was basically saying, “Beta is Coming, I’ll give sneak peeks!” Which we sort of knew already. Second, here’s a load of AQW screenies I took (copied it from my post in the screenshot thread in the official forums)

Dancing With Artix
Fighting the Zard Boss with Minimal
The Last Battle
This was done right before the test was ended.
At the Orc Fort
We were following Artix, but lost him when he went to another area. So we decided to do Yulgar’s Orc Quest.
Death by Dancing
The Death By Dancing Spreads
Fighting the Orc Boss With Personator
“Help Me!”
Me and Masta Bro (Enzeru) Danced while we left Personator to fight the boss
This is the end…
Just as the test was ending, I said goodbye to my fellow players.
Artix Lives!
Artix Resurrects us all!
What Have I done?
We Must Revive Minimal!
Preparing For Battle

I met lots of staff, including minimal, who told me lots of info. I won’t share too much, but I will tell you that the beta release date will be some time on the week of Augest 4th! That’s just about 2 weeks away!


One Response to “Aqworlds Test Screens and Beta Release Date!”

  1. anteraaa said

    can you do beta again?
    i need beta berzerker armor

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