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Dragonfable Design Notes 16/07/08

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 16, 2008

DF is getting new house items this week. Hopefully they’ll be some good ones that aren’t for DC.

Be Still My Heart...
Is Open To

July 16th, 2008
A Little Help From My Friends

We’ve got a few new fun house items coming out this week (like the Oaklore and Lymcrest locations and a Framed Necro U Handbook that you can mount on your wall…. and if ya click on it, it plays Warcry Of The Paladin) , and some more planned. But what I really wanna know is…

…what do you guys want to see? As you can see, he11ix has gathered a
lot of great suggestions
and we’d like to know what the rest of you have in mind!

We’ve got 2 new item types coming this week: Rug Items and Shrubs (which are items that you can put on the 4 item spots in your front yard. Randor The Red suggested an outhouse. I like it!) so load us up on those!

Some of you have been wondering what Cysero’s Left Sock will do for you. I have already dropped a hint on the forums. Some of you who were around when I had my little… accident… with the guardian tower. This is a nod to you veteran players! Things have changed a LOT in DF since then… thanks for sticking around!

We are also working on a pretty good sized shop for the Scavenger Hunt (more like a Farming Hunt, really) including at least one set of level 40 free weapons! These guys will be pretty nice in terms of power and stats since they will be for a limited time, and all of them will have new, never before-seen art!

Geo is back on the case and building the next Inn Quest! The Ninja Innkeeper was not amused by last week’s prank and has decided to take the prank war to the next level! Make sure to check in at the Shadow of The Wind Inn on Friday to see what the next step is! (after we release….duh). See you there!

Battle On!

– Chickencowlord


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