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AQWorlds Design Notes (and Homepage update) 16/07/08

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 16, 2008

Alright! Finally some really exciting news! First, here is the home page update.

NEW! Special Testing this Monday
Join us this Monday when we bring “SIR VER” back online for fun and adventure! Before the Beta officially begins, we need your help on some special last minute tests. You will be the first to go on quests from Warlic and Zorbak and to obtain fully functional weapons. The testing will be restricted to Guardians, DragonLords, and Star Captains. Expect anything to happen as the new updates will be happening live… from Thailand!? Check back soon and keep an eye on Artix’s design notes for more insider news!

Also Happening Now
While you wait for Monday’s test release to start, look what is happening right now in our other games:

  • DragonFable – Housing is live! Get your own place and customize it.
  • MechQuest – Upgraded Mecha models now available.
  • AdventureQuest – Learn Spellcrafting! (Featuring a wierd Pig NPC)

We also got new design notes! They basically tell us the same thing, but it also includes news about Artix in Thailand.


July 16th,2008
Special Test on Monday

Zhoom and Minimal need your help testing the new game features! Join us for a VERY special testing session and be the first to run a AQ Worlds quest! I will be updating the news here from Thailand while Zhoom and Minimal run the show from Tampa and Philadelphia. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? <smiles>

Thailand: Meeting a famous Director!
Today I had the honor of meeting one of Thailand’s top A-list directors, Nonzee Nimibutr. Sitting next to him as he effortlessly conducted a cast and crew of over 80 through complicated scenes with moving cameras and… OK… I just have to say, this was just the most impressive thing I have ever seen! I really wish you could have been with me. Nonzee has directed a number of motion pictures, music videos, and at least one TV show winning many director awards including “The most promising director in Asia” and “Best Asian Film”. The project I saw today was a 1970s Bangkok gangster show. He has an entire 4 story (I think) building for the show with a different set crafted into each room. They had a truck outside providing power to all of their equipment… cables ran everywhere through the building. Nonzee sat at a small TV with his producer (I accidentally stole the producers chair.) and staff on the top floor as cables ran down to the camera-men who slid along metal dollys with their lenses aimed at the cast of VERY beautiful actresses and nervous extras. The actors were so cool… if only there was martial arts in our gangster movies back home! How is it that every day here keeps topping the one before it? Even their toilet truck was the coolest thing I have ever seen! (Well, maybe not the coolest thing ever.. but it was very clean.) Yes, this trip has been life changing and inspirational…. to say the least!

Player: So, Artix… WHAT exactly are you doing in Thailand again?
Artix: Actually I am here to….
Player: … and you cannot use the word undead!
Artix: Nevermind…

Common Thai phrase of the day
Nan man kanom chai mai?
That was pudding… right?

This looks really good!


– Chickencowlord


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