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Analysis of 7/9/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on July 12, 2008

This week’s major release was the opening of the Sheriff’s office in Alamonia. Sheriff Broncho, the head of the office, needs your help in rounding up some desert bandits! Read on for the full analysis.


About: Sheriff Broncho over at the Sheriff’s office in Alamonia, needs your help in capturing some desert bandits, especially now that the amount of bandits on the loose is growing every day! Of course, he doesn’t want any old person to help him with this noble act; he needs someone who has already earned reputation on Alamonia so he can be sure the person helping him out is the right man (or woman) for the job (i.e. you need at least 50 reputation with Clyde to help Broncho out). You can help in two different quests to gain bounty points: One in a one-fight duel and the other in a multiple-fight affair to get to the bandit leader. And once you do, an unexpected character comes to face you in the final boss fight (more on this later). Once the boss fight is defeated a reward mecha shop opens up, with a level 14 free player mecha and a level 23 Star Captain mecha (no Nova Gem mechs).

My Opinion: The reputation quests continue in this update in the form of Bounty Hunting, and to be honest, while I’m still a fan of it, I’m starting to think it’s getting overused, especially here in Westion where that’s pretty much all there is. Still, it was disguised nicely as bounty hunting and I like that there were two different quests you could embark on, although one more would have been perfect. The rewards are nice although I can’t help but feel that free players got robbed by only getting a level 14 mecha. The official reason was because there was a gap between levels 13-14 and it needed to be filled, but I really think they could have filled that gap some other way other than like this. Besides that, the mechs are decent but not really something special, which I kinda like considering this wasn’t exactly a major aspect of Westion. This update really gets major points with the very nice plot twist at the boss fight: It’s Broncho! There were very small hints throughout that Broncho was indeed the one behind all this, and the plot twist definitely served its purpose: I was definitely surprised! I was waiting for a major plot twist in Westion and we finally got it, and AE did a great job putting it in there.

Overall Grade of Update: 9.0/10. The fact that free players got the very short end of the stick with the rewards brings the grade down a bit, but I really liked the plot twist. I thought AE could have done something else with the mech rewards since they are very bland and uninteresting. Overall, there wasn’t any one spot of the update that really shined and it was overall just an on-par release, although the plot twist and overall execution was enough in my book to give it a 9.0.

Enjoy and stay tuned for the analysis of the Friday update in a little while! 🙂


5 Responses to “Analysis of 7/9/08 Update”

  1. Shindia said

    I really liked this update, rep missions aren’t wonderful (they’re basically like the roll missions but with the roll itself hidden) but the bandit mechs are amusing and the boss fight itself is insanely good for farming (you get over 1600 for killing his mecha and then a 300 bounty on top of that if you fight with a lvl 20 mecha giving almost 2k credits per fight, fighting with a lvl 23 gives very slightly more so I would say the extra time involved makes farming it with a lvl 20 mecha the most efficient).

  2. The Peanut Master said

    The boss rewards are definitely amazing and easily makes it the best farming spot in MechQuest right now.

  3. zamuelnow said

    One of the things I liked the most about this release was that AE added the Equinox as an enemy. People who wanted the Express Whip to stay as broken as it originally was are now seeing the reason why the game needs to be balanced.

  4. The Peanut Master said

    Very nice observation, Zamuel.

  5. adam said

    this is another rubbish update

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