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AQWorlds Design Notes 8/7/08

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 8, 2008


July 8th,2008
Knowing is Half the Battle-on!

Just in case you are ever sent on a secret mission to battle the evil undead in a country that speaks Thai, here are some important words to keep handy:

Zombie: Peedib (Also for Vampire/Undead)
Sword: Darb
Warrior: Nak-Rob
Mage: Por-Mod
Rogue: Joan

In unrelated news, our translator here also happens to be a producer on this cool movie about a Queen and two Princesses who defend their kingdom from a evil prince who can summon whales… oh and he has an army of pirates too! — Queens of Langkasukahai (PG13 looking trailer)

Forum Question: If we were to make a live action movie who would we cast to play the parts of the NPCs? (and more who would you want to play your character?)

No info on the game at all and some words in thai. Um, yay….


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