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Dragonfable Contest Winners (I won!)

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 7, 2008

I won the contest! Yay! Here are the winners:

Also ALSO, we have some winners from our Screenshot Contest! Here, they are. They will show up on the screeny page as soon as we get a chance to update it.

Here they are broken down by ctatagory by the tireless forum mods and AKs (thanks guys)! The winners each get 350 DC each and the honorable mentions get 250 DC each.

Battling with Artix (Unas)
Shatter the earth (Xianyd)
Dragon fighting dragon (StarofSaffron)
No match for flaming weaponry (draketh99)
Fight against titanworms (Chickencowlord)
Invite friends along! (TiamatRoar)
Xan Titan battle (callistra)
The power of a DragonLord (Nelioka)

Falconreach during Mogloween (Kiki)
Explore unique places (Romak)
The Sandsea at Night (Luggy)
The Necropolis (Lucidar)
Rare magical devices (egg 32)

Alchemy training (DarknessPK)
Yulgar at the weaponsmith forge (alabama_pitty)
Cysero’s DragonCoin shop (latedog)
Outlandish hairstyles (Lake)

Banking system (ZzlzhTt)
Become a Paladin! (alabama_pitty)
Ninja armor (Howler)
Pirate armor (dante817)
Custom DragonLord armor (Viviperous)

Kungfu dragon pet (the zpy)
Dolls as pets? Scary! (Soul Taker)
Snowman Walking (Howler)
Dragon pet (quatrerwinner1)

Put Your Heart Into It (Puppy)
Millions of undead to fight (BigBen14)
Dragon hatching music (Fallen Slayer)
Honor in the face of temptation (theoutcrowd)
Zombie humor (shadow_andy123)

Instant dragon pet summon with an Amulet (Death Lord)
Battle in wars (Spectrous)
Battle mutants (Nessa Ellensse)
Weaponsmith crafting game (Wolkanne)
DF has puppets! (Shadow6448)
Controlling characters (lellyna)
Noxus, Dean of Necro-U (Luggy)
Zhoom (Mike446)
Sek Duat XV (Kitsukaru)

Honorable Mentions
(250 DC prize)

Quest for elemental orbs (bigwavedave)
Battle dark bosses (Omegakain)
Guardian Dragon at your command (Cheddar)
Demonic pets assist necromancers (Vortal)
Purified Doom weapons (wolfman_naruto)
Evolved DragonLord armor (Mighty Dark Lord)
Dragon pet mischief (Aaronrules380)
Fighting Undead with Wasabi Paste (VertofWar)
What do hawks eat? (atticus239)
Inventory humor (Windy)

Thanks for another great contest guys! Just think, all these screenshots that you guys took will be one of the first thing that someone sees when they come to DragonFable.com to check the game out! Great job!

Ok, ok… so if….. IF….. we were to release housing this weekend… and IF we were to release a lot of items for gold and a lot more of the cooler items for DCs… then, how many DCs would you guys be willing to pay for…

…My left sock?

I bolded my name. Check out the homepage later to see my entry!


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