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AQWorlds Design Notes 7/7/08

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 7, 2008

Here they are. It doesn’t really state clearly whether or not beta is coming soon.


July 7th,2008
Sa-wat-dee kraup!

That means hello in Thai
However, if you are a girl you say Sa-wat-dee-ah. Not sure what you say if you are a moglin though. In other news, I just had a very “Charlies’ Angels” phone meeting with everyone back at the secret underground lab…

12:30am EST At the Secret Underground lab
Artix: <on ominous speaker phone> Goodmorning angels!
Safiria, Nythera, Aisha, Jemini and Korin (who seems to be playing bosely): Goodmorning Charley!
Artix: So what is planned for this week?
Cysero: Housing/Castles in DragonFable!
Warlic: Police Station on the Planet Westion in MechQuest!
Galanoth: Spell Crafting in AdventureQuest!
Minimal: Skills and Quest Items for AQWorlds!
Safiria: Working on the new ShadowScythe T-shirts (which comes with a code to unlock a rare armor or mecha in ALL three games)
Artix: That is amazing!
Everyone: So what are you up to Artix?
Artix: Sleep! It is nearly midnight here in Thailand 🙂 But first… check this brand new, fresh out of the oven sneak peek screenshot!

New Sneak Peek Screenshot!
(Special thanks to Seppy for spilling the beans on what this city is
while planning his surprise attack. Soon, we will be exploring this new city together!)

Forum Question: What do you think of this glimpse of the new city?

You heard it here at the Undead Mecha! Check in later for more news!


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