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AQWorlds Design Notes 5/7/08

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 6, 2008

Alright, family’s gone, I have time to post everything now.

Lord of Evil

Skeletal Minion

July 5th,2008

Sepulchure: While that goody two shoes Paladin is on a plane to Thailand…. it is time to ATTACK! All forces march on the Capital City of SwordHaven!
Chuckles: Ahahahahahaha….. ahem….. *hands note*
Sepulchure: <reads>
Sepulchure: …
Sepulchure: Are you serious?

Chuckles: Heh.
Sepulchure: WHAT DO YOU MEAN BETA HAS NOT STARTED YET? Are you seriously telling me that we have to wait?
Chuckles: <nod> <nod>
Sepulchure: ….
Chuckles: Ahahahahahahahahaha….
Sound FX: CRUSHHHHH!) <As he crushes chuckles under the pommel of his Doom Weapon>
Sepulchure: This was a test. A test of the Emergency Doom broadcast sysem. In the event of real Doom… YOU PATHETIC CITY WOULD BE REDUCED TO A BURNING PILE OF RUBBLE CRUMBLING UNDER THE FEET OF MY UNSTOPPABLE ARMY OF EVIL MONSTERS! TREMBLE IN FEAR KNOWING THETERRIBLE FATE THAT AWAITS YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS… <coughs> I… um… will check in again soon. Have a nice day.
<Stomps off in a passive agressive rage>
Chuckles: Hehehehe…..

To be continued….

So there you have it! I hope you all got the new stuff in MQ! It really is awesome. The DF stuff is okay too!


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