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Analysis of 7/3/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on July 4, 2008

For Independence Day in the United States (a.k.a. The Fourth of July) fireworks went off in Soluna City and we went from day to night. Oh yeah, we also got new high-leveled mecha models and some new high-level (and low level) heads, themed just for July 4. Read on for the full analysis.

About: For Independence Day, AE released a new mecha model available for players of all levels (mostly 16+, with one level 10 and a level 3 mecha), including a level 23 Star Captain mecha. There’s also a level 21 mech for Star Captains, and level 16 and 21 mechs for free players. There’s also a level 10 and level 21 Nova Gem mecha, with the level 21 being the best of the bunch (I will discuss this in a bit). We also got new July 4-themed heads, for players of all levels. In fact, there are free player heads at levels 3, 16, and 21, Star Captain heads at levels 21 and 23, and Nova Gem heads at levels 3, 10, and 21. They all have a chance to do 50% extra damage as well.

My Opinion: I know some people are against the design of the new mechs and heads, but it definitely represents July 4, which was the main objective of the looks, and they definitely succeeded there. I was slightly disappointed to see the mechs become once again in the discussion of the best of the best (the house heads are easily the best heads in the game hands-down) because continuing to make rare mechs really, really good (see: Equinox, Rebel mechs, April Fools mechs, Easter mechs, etc.) it puts the new players at a disadvantage. In fact, a new player starting out right after this shop closes would have access to very little high-level powerful mechs (House Mecha, Shadowtech E Series, and maybe a Westion mechs are the only ones that come to mind), and if AE really is going to make holiday equipment this good, they really need to have a lot of other alternatives. That being said, it’s not terrible and new players still have some options, so it’s not the worst thing in the world, just an observation I made. The heads are also very cool and I think look awesome, not to mention packing a very powerful punch. I wouldn’t be a good analyzer if I didn’t point out the negative stuff too, and there was really one aspect of this update that really disgusted me: The level *21* Nova Gem mecha is flat-out better than the level *23* Star Captain mecha. If you read my Behind the Scenes Nova Gem to Star Captain Crisis posts you would know I really hate the direction AE is going with making Nova Gem equipment so superior to Star Captain equipment, and while I was at least okay with having Nova Gem equipment superior to Star Captain equipment at the same levels, making the Nova Gem stuff better than the Star Captain stuff at LOWER levels is not only a disgrace to the Star Captains, it’s a spit-in-the-face-and-walk-right-by kind of deal. I really am honestly surprised AE would take this issue to this kind of level, and I’m actually appalled that they would do it. I can understand from a marketing standpoint why AE is making so many Nova Gem things superior to Star Captain things (making real money from this their main and only objective here), and by doing something like this really doesn’t increase the amount of money they are going to make from Nova Gems, while also humiliating Star Captains in the process. That huge rant and it all means nothing now, since AE (in a late update) redid the two mechs in question to make them each have identical hitpoints and energy, with the Star Captain one having two more energy regeneration points, therefore giving the Star Captain mech the obvious advantage (albeit small), which completely nullifies my whole negative analysis of this aspect. πŸ™‚

Overall Grade of Update: 8.0/10. 9.5/10. If it wasn’t for my not-so-little problem with the way the Nova Gem mecha was structured in comparison to the Star Captain (and Free Players) mecha this update probably would have gotten an excellent grade. Alas, that didn’t happen, and that’s the main reason this update got the grade it did. Alas, it is a problem no more, and because of that I added 1.5 points to my final grade of the update. The actual mechs and heads were done really well and there isn’t a lot I can complain about on that front. But the way AE handled the “other” situation was, in my opinion, almost as bad as they could possibly handle it. And I can’t really say it any other way than that.

Enjoy! Feel free to post your comments regarding the update in the Comments Section below.

P.S. After I posted the advertisement for the Order of Balance, the clan I am currently in, we had a lot of new guests and a couple members joining without reading this link: http://orderofbalance.proboards85.com/in….isplay&thread=1. This shows the process for joining the clan, and I’d just like to request that anyone interested in joining (which I hope you are ;)) follow those procedures. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience! πŸ™‚


8 Responses to “Analysis of 7/3/08 Update”

  1. Shindia said

    I’m afraid I disagree on the 23 SC mech being worse than the 21 NG mech. They have the exact same weapon damage, very similar hp and ep and the 23 SC has 2 more energy regen (which is pretty important given how energy hungry the weapons are). Basically this means that you can pay Nova Gems to get the mech at a lower level which is in essence what the point of Nova Gems was (to get stuff earlier than you might otherwise).

    The mechs themselves seem decent. I would say overall they’re a little better than most of the 23 house mechs but considerably weaker than the Equinox.

    Heads wise the new heads are hands down the best in the game and again the 23 SC and 21 NG are basically the same except that you can use the NG at lower level. The heads have about a 50% chance of 50% extra damage and a 3 turn cooldown so they outclass all other heads in the game.

  2. Shindia said

    A small extra point, remember we’re on the verge of having scaled enemies added for 21, 22 and 23 so when these are added it could be argued that the 23 SC mech will be superior to the 21 NG one simply because it will allow you to fight higher level enemies for better xp and credits.

  3. sinani200 said

    If I had to give an edge to either the Nova Gem mecha or the Star Captain mecha it’s very close, although when you also consider that the Nova Gem one uses slightly less energy than the Star Captain one I think it gets a slight edge. Regardless, they are obviously very close in power and it’s terrible that the Nova Gem mecha can be accessed at two levels lower than the Star Captain one, which is a lot at these high levels. I’m not sure that what you stated about the purpose of Nova Gems is correct, however. I was always under the impression that Nova Gems were for players who either didn’t have the time to farm for credits or were too lazy to still get *comparable* equipment to other players, not superior equipment in almost every way, not to mention in this case getting comparable equipment at lower levels. I never thought that was part of what that was about, but if it is, then forgive me.

    You make a good point with your second comment, although I could also twist the facts to say the opposite: The level 21 mech would obviously go against weaker enemies, which would therefore make it much easier to advance through quests and would make farming much faster by fighting lesser enemies which don’t take as much time to kill. πŸ˜‰

  4. Shindia said

    If it’s of interest to you I have the Nova Gems to potentially buy it but I decided the SC version would probably suit me better.

    I completely disagree that 2 levels is a lot at this stage, it seems that the damage scaling between levels is very small in the 20s so far (about 1 average damage added to a weapon per level gain seems to be the trend). HPs as well don’t seem to scale on player mechs in the 20s very much at all with the examples we have so far.

  5. Shindia said

    Interesting as well to note that I would say that the SC 23 tank is a much better mech than my Nova Hawk 3.8 (I found it very disappointing and went back to using my Equinox right after I got it basically). I have a feeling the Nova Wolf 3.8 is probably on par or better than the SC 23 tank though but my my Wolfblade character is only in the teens so I can’t test that theory.

  6. Shindia said

    An interesting development – AE have changed the HP and EP of the 23 SC tank so that it now matches the 21 Nova tank.

  7. sinani200 said

    I’ve always admired AE for listening to its players… πŸ˜‰ Of course, by doing that it obviously gives the Star Captain mecha an advantage and I’m sure angers everyone who bought the level 21 mecha, but it was the right thing to do and I’m glad they did it. Of course, now I have to almost completely edit out my analysis post and re-write, but that’s okay. πŸ˜›

  8. adam said

    i want an english festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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