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Mechquest Newsletter 7/2/08

Posted by Chickencowlord on July 2, 2008

With a current drought in AE DNs lately, I decided to post the newsletter so as to keep this blog active.

Dear MechQuest Pilot,

RARE Holiday Mecha Model
The 4th of July is quickly approaching. To celebrate, we are going to have a new themed mecha that will be available only through the weekend! This new mecha is going to be designed by J6 and is guaranteed to be explosive! You’ll be seeing fireworks after piloting this mecha!

Level Cap Increase!
We are increasing the level cap to 23 on Wednesday!  Wolfblade, Runehawk and Mystraven mecha models will be upgradable at the new power levels and item stats will be available for the house mecha models starting at level 23.

Holiday Mecha
Level cap increased to 23!

Website: http://www.MechQuest.com
Lost your password? Recover it easily by going to the homepage and clicking on “Lost your password” to have your account info emailed to you.

Coming Soon
Both towns appear to be experiencing mine shortages.  You will have to delve below the surface into the dangerous and highly unstable mines to find out what is happening!  Also, due to your courageous acts,  the town streets are mostly safe again.  Shops will be open for business soon!

Star Captain Upgrade
Upgrade your account with a one-time only payment and unlock exclusive areas, weapons, mecha models and more!

Nova Gem Sellbacks!
Players who are overloaded with Nova Gem items and cannot get rid of them will be able to start selling their Nova Gem items in shop. For the first 24 hours after purchasing a Nova Gem item, players may receive a 90% sellback price. Then, after that 24 hour period they may be sold back for 25% of their original price!

Battle On!?Artix, Warlic and the MQ Team

::: Notice :::
You have received this email because you are a registered user of the MechQuest online role playing game. Your game account was created on 2007-08-13 06:02:00 and the last time you played was on 2008-06-27 14:23:00. Your email is for MechQuest use only and will NEVER be sold to anyone else! If you have received this email in error or no longer wish to get news and events use the following link:

Besides having to farm some more, this looks like a pretty good release.

In other news, I think I am going to halt Club Penguin News so that I can be more in detail about AE games. I don’t get much traffic from CP players anyways.


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