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Analysis of 7/2/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on July 2, 2008

As expected, the level cap was raised to 23, although along with that came a slightly unexpected (and slightly early) release as well: house mecha upgrades at levels 21, 22, and 23. Read on for more.

About: This week’s release finally raised the level cap three levels from 20 to 23, and new house mecha upgrades were released at each new level as well. The level 21 mechs have increased health, mana, and regeneration. The level 22 mechs have increased damage outputs for the default weapons. The level 23 mechs have house-specific stats tacked on to them: RuneHawks have +5 critical hit chance, WolfBlades have +5 defense, and MystRavens have +5 damage boost.

My Opinion: This update definitely gets bonus points for having included the new house mecha, and the way AE was able to adjust to player feedback and understand the developing problem of the upgradeable house mecha upgrades costing way too much. The upgrades at each level are ridiculously small, which makes it fine by my book that there’s an upgrade at each of the new levels. Also, the fact that each new upgrade is nothing drastic makes it okay for AE to do something like this. AE also combated the hot topic of Nova Gem upgrades: If you had previously upgraded your Nova Gem mecha to level 20 and had run out of Nova Gems to upgrade, you would have to start at the beginning of the Star Captain mecha chain and waste a ton of unnecessary credits upgrading the mecha to meet your level. AE smartly included buyable level 21 and level 23 mechs for those unlucky souls caught in this predicament. The timing of the level cap raise was perfect as well: AE had filled the gap from levels 15 to 20 and enough players had attained level 20 to make it neccessary to increase he level cap again. While AE did do a lot of good on this update, there still wasn’t a whole lot in it: The level cap raise is hardly a tough job, and the new mechs are exactly the same as the old ones, and all that needed to be adjusted was some numbers. On the other hand, AE has promised new house items and new high level monsters, in addition to the main July 4 mechs, to be released later this week, so I can definitely cut them some lack for a less-than-impressive opening release.

Overall Grade of Update: 9.0/10. The stuff that’s really this update up are really two-fold. First, the adjustments AE made to the way upgradeable house mechs work has to be commended, and second, the fact that there is more on the way this week lowers my expectations for this update. The good timing for the level cap raise was nice but even an idiot would realize it’s time, and the subtleness of each upgrade makes it fine that there is an upgrade at each new level, but they aren’t grade-improving, which is why there were really two main aspects of this update holding it up, and I thought it was good enough to get a 9.0.

Enjoy (and try to enjoy leveling up)! Feel free to post your opinions in the Comments section below. I’ll see you tomorrow (and the day after) when AE releases the next parts of this week’s release.


5 Responses to “Analysis of 7/2/08 Update”

  1. Shindia said

    Made it to 23 a little over a day after the level cap increase and upgraded my Nova Hawk (loved the super cheap upgrade costs). So far I’m very underwhelmed with the mech, it doesn’t do much more damage than the lvl 20 nova did (average 54 per hit vs 50 per hit at 20) and if the war boss is anything to go by lvl 23 mecha/monsters will have substantially more health and the lvl 23 Nova Hawk really amplifies the low hp weakness of Runehawk mechs (must be even worse for SC and non SC versions) so I’m thinking I’ll be sticking to using my Equinox for the forseeable future.

    The crit bonus is built into the body weapon but +5 crit doesn’t seem to have much noticeable effect (can’t say I’m shocked as I used the police head with +2 crit for a while and didn’t see much benefit from that either).

    So overall so far I’m pretty underwhelmed with the update, the raising of level cap is nice but the house mechs aren’t really good enough to justify it right now (I’m hoping the redesigned ones at 25 will address the issues of damage not scaling well with enemy health and house mechs falling behind in the hp curve – all the Westion mechs have more health in the teens than the Runehawk mechs have at 23 which just seems wrong given the very small increase in damage output and the large increase in enemy health.

  2. sinani200 said

    While at first I was very glad to see AE make the upgradeable mechs at each new level not crazily overpowered, but now I’m starting to think they didn’t make them powerful enough, as you pointed out. The theory of making more base stats at level 21, more damage outputs at level 22, and other stats at level 23 was a really great idea, but I think they definitely under-did it. The level 23 house mecha is eerily similar to the level 20 house mecha, with very slightly increased base stats, very slightly increased damage outputs, and new stats that don’t even appear to make any real difference.

  3. adam said

    are there just upgrades or a whole new mech

  4. sinani200 said

    The models of the mechs are the same, and they are only upgrades.

  5. Brytz said

    I’m interested in the inderpendence day mechas.

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