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Lots of news (and AE downtime explanation)

Posted by Chickencowlord on June 30, 2008

Alright, here it is.


I kiss you on the brain in the shadow of a train...I mean it.

June 30th, 2008
Sir Ver And Friends Take A Nap.

You may have noticed that we had a little downtime today. Everything broke.

There has beena lot of speculation as to what might cause all 3 games, the DNs, the forums and the minigame site to go down and stay down for several hours. I can’t tell you anything for certain right now, but I can tell you this… it wasn’t my fault.

Pretty sure it wasn’t my fault.

Things are still a little wonky but the disconnectivity storm seems to be blowing over. Bear with us and things should be fully opperational again soon. ish.

We’ll now that the Necropolis is all tied up, we will be working on a new zone for a few weeks. I won’t say much except A) you’ll want to dress warm and B) you’re going to want to find a disguise for your baby dragon. You know how Galanoth can get.

THIS week we’re still working a few things, including balancing out the necromancer armor (Rolith forgot a few damage dividers in there so Final really is Final), and getting it out to you as soon as we can, so you can get your Deathknight armor too. Also this weekend we will be releasing some 4th of July rare DA weapons.

These bad boys will be colored Red, White and Blue to celebrate the 4th (Independence Day in the United States, celebrating our Declaration of Independence signed back in 1776…usually it means flags, fireworks and family cook-outs!) and when their specials (yes, they will have specials) go off, fireworks will erupt from them as they deal additional damage over time! I’m also trying to see if it can randomly tint the affected target red, white or blue.

These weapons will be DA ONLY and they will only be in the game for the extended weekend, so get them before they vanish!

Geo is also working on a few interesting quests for the Pirate and Ninja Inns, and we were talking about a second weapon for rogues. We can’t use shortswords because a lot of the daggers are large enough to be short swords already, can’t use fist weapons because of the ways that the weapons change direction in the rogue’s hands during some attacks. We were thinking about Sacks of Things as a secondary rogue weapon.

Like a sack of rocks, or doorknobs… or frogs….

or like… beans.

We’re still working on it.

If you guys have any bright ideas for new rogue weapons, let us know on the forums (now that they work again)!



Star Date: June 27th, 3008
4th of July Weekend – RARE Mecha Coming!
The 4th of July is quickly approaching. To celebrate, we are going to have a new themed mecha that will be available only through the weekend! This new mecha is going to be designed by J6 and is guaranteed to be explosive! You’ll be seeing fireworks after piloting this mecha!

UPDATE: Rolith just finished fixing a bug in which your current Credits/Nova Gems were not updating properly in the starship items shops. The values were being appropriately caculated and saved. The box that showed you your current amount just wasn’t updating when you purchased or sold items. This graphic glitch was only occurring in the shops selling starship items. Mecha and weapons shops were unaffected. This bug had been fixed earlier but reappeared recently for no apparent reason… The only explanation is… GREMLINS!!!!



June 30th,2008
New Servers

We now have our first 6 new servers installed for AQWorlds! You may have noticed that we were offline for a few hours Monday morning. The official reason is here.

I received a message saying, “I love how your “official statements” referring to system downtime and service outages reference a completely fantasy-based fall guy, a secret underground lab and radiation…. scratch that… COOL radiation posioning.

In other news we are hard at work on the BETA content. By the end of the day today we should have a PORTAL! This is a truimph…. I am making a note here, huge success.

Yay! Beta coming soon!


5 Responses to “Lots of news (and AE downtime explanation)”

  1. Drk penguin said

    i was wondering if you could give me some tips for some of the games. Like i have a dragon fable player , mechquest player , and a battleon player.My df player is level 14.my mechquest is level 5.and my battleon is level 45..and sadly i don’t have any upgraded accounts.don’t have the money….but i would love to support the team.and i really want a upgraded account (preferably for DF)but i just cant.any help please

  2. Drk penguin said

    email me the message please and your response

  3. Chickencowlord said

    You just need to find some way to get money. If you do get an upgrade, I suggest the 6-pack DA with extra DCs. If your asking me to upgrade your account, then no. I don’t have the money to upgrade someone else. Please ask it again. If you do, then measures will be taken. I hope this isn’t what you were trying to say. It may take you a while to save up the money, but it’ll be worth it. Regarding AQW beta testing, you won’t be missing out on anything huge. The game will be much better once it is fully released.

  4. Drkpenguin said

    thanks for the advice! I asked my parents and i took a paper route so i will have the money in a couple of weeks. and no i wasn’t asking you to by me a account i have more self respect for myself than that….anyways thanks for the advice and i think i will get the one with 6 Dragon Amulets

  5. Chickencowlord said

    Alright. I didn’t think that was what you meant, but there are many others that do ask like that. Also, if you think you could save up an extra five dollars, the DC extra package is VERY useful. AND you’ll get new DCs if you delete and remake a character.

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