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Necromancer Armor and AQW News!

Posted by Chickencowlord on June 27, 2008

The Necromancer armor for DF is out, and it is AWESOME! Although it’ll probably be nerfed and make us all sad, DA holders can still enjoy it as it is right now! In other news, purified doom weapons are now available. Although they do the same damage as doomies, they do it in light and they are much better looking! Here are the design notes:

Katharine Hepburn ain't got nuthin on you!
Is Fired?

June 27th, 2008
Necromancing The Stone


The release is LIVE! and MAN, is the Necro Armor so much fun!!!!


Ok, we’re running a bit behind on coding the Necromancer armor, so we are NOT releasing it or the Deathknight armor today.

Well, not exactly.

We ARE releasing it for free DA ONLY testing. Mostly fully trained (except one skill that we’re having real problems with) versions of the armor will be available from a button in Falconreach (like the Deathknight is now) and once you guys have found ALL the bugs and given us lots of helpful feedback then we will rebalance and release them. Here’s what it looks like:


That’s me fighting a Boardrake in the testing arena. Yes, I just summoned that skeleton dog thing. Yes, I am floating. Yes, you too will float instead of run, just like Noxus.

Yes, the Necro Helm and Necro Cape that I’m wearing will be released in the Superstore of Savings later today.

Balance testing on the Necro Class Armor won’t last very long (we want to release it as badly as you want us to release it!) so make sure to help test as much as you can! We haven’t had time to test this puppy as much as we would have liked and if we released it today, things would melt. Faces would melt.

Rolith would melt. That would be very bad.

Today, as promised we ARE releasing the newest level of the Doom Weapons (available in Yulgar’s Forge for you to built on your own). We are also releasing the purified versions of the Doom Weapons. Once we are live, go visit Artix and bring your Doomy, and he will transform them using the power of Light, into the Twin Blades of Destiny, the Dragonstaff of Destiny or the Blinding Light of Destiny! Seen here:

Remember, you will only be able to de-bug and balance test the fully trained Necromancer armor if you have a Dragon Amulet, and thanks in advance to all of our Dragonlords for, once again, helping to improve Dragon Fable by testing and giving us all that great feedback!

We will let you know as soon as the release is live.

In other news, Warlic and I tried to test our powers against each other today. See, he’s the creative director of MechQuest and I’m the creative director of DragonFable… so we hold the same rank, I guess. I’ve worked for the company longer but he’s known Artix since they were kids. We wondered what would happen if we tried to fire each other… so we did.

Either we are both fired, or they cancelled each other out. We’re not sure which.

I also have some AQW DNs for you.

Design Notes


(Note my eyebrows are less bushy than on the 24th!)

June 27th,2008
Custom Item Crafting

AdventureQuest Worlds is really shaping up. One extremely important feature is going to be customization. Especially… custom weapons! As you read this, Zhoom is restructuring the database to allow you to make your own items. So, exactly wow will you make your own weapons? Read on!

Weapon Design + Enchancements = New Weapon

Of course you will be able to obtain pre-made (and some VERY rare) weapons all over the world. But also, you will be able create your own. This starts by getting a weapon design. The design will show you what the final product will look like and some facts about it (Like element and how wild the damage range is). Then, you will take the design to one of many forges where you will choose the enhancements to forge it with. This means you can make a brand new weapon, that is your level, with stats tailored to your class!

You take the “Sizzlord’s Sword of Fiery Carnage Design” to the level 35 forge where you select the “Berserker’s Weapon Kit” package. Hit the button and PRESTO! You just created a brand new weapon:

Sizzlord’s Sword of Fiery Carnage
Level 35
Damage: 450 to 550
+10 Strength
+5% to Critical Strike

As you might have guessed… there will be a wide variety of common designs and many rare and challening to get ones! Forges and places to make other items will also be upgradable. Furthermore we are talking about allowing you to break down a weapon at a special shop to get the design back. This means you can reforge it into a higher level weapon! Combine this with the “merge shops” that we already have working, and the possibilities for crafting and making things become endless! (We really think you will enjoy this insane level of customizability)

Server Order
In other news, I just approved the order of a number of servers (including that insane database server we talked about a while back.) Guys… we are really doing this… we are about to have an AdventureQuest MMO!


15 Responses to “Necromancer Armor and AQW News!”

  1. said

    is necromancer voor dragonamulet

  2. Chickencowlord said

    Testing is DA only, but the permanent armor coming soon won’t be.

  3. Randy said

    Why is only for MEM!

  4. MAX said

    when is necro class coming to aqw

  5. Will said

    I think it will be the 1 of January…

  6. I am absolutely blown away at how terrific the information is on this website. I have bookmarked this page and I really intend on coming back to the site in the upcoming days. Keep up the great work!

    • artix said

      i the armor is going to be awesome and the doom weapons are in yugler so hurry and get the doom weopons and did you now that cysero is FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR EVER

  7. danny said

    why dont we get rid of members and just make a shop were we have to pay money but other stuff is for everyone

  8. serenity_777_ said

    um why ish cysero fired?!?!?!?

  9. Gorkem said

    Artix Can i See you dis Day i Have never See a Modenator Of AQWorlds 😀
    i Cant Have Paladin Class

  10. Me real Name is Gorkem But im In AQWorlds XXXDon Fortune

  11. And its not voor DragonSlayer!!!!


  13. Bored..

  14. star lord123 said

    ukh, you guys are so stupid for falling that cysero is fired….idiots………you guys are just so retarted

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