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The Mega Post (LOTS of news on Dragonfable and Mechquest)

Posted by Chickencowlord on June 26, 2008

I know I was going to seperate, but there is so much right now to post!

June 25th, 2008
The 13 Day War


We had a BIG bug issue with the war boss! There was a MASSIVE bug that reset your Necropolis quest chain. We’ve tracked the bug down and repaired the issue but unfortunately there is a chance that it reset your Artix chain back to the first quest. You will have to play those quests over again. Sorry for the inconvienence!

If it makes you feel any better, I have to do it too.

This was a VERY big oversight on my part, and for all of you affected you’ve got my deepest apologize that we didn’t catch this bug during testing.


Ghost: “redman95 has noticed that it took almost 13 days to complete the war.. thankfully we did it in 12.8 or the world would’ve ended.”

Good work guys, you have nearly saved Doomwood, Falconreach and all of Lore but you also saved our world fro the Friday the 13th war lasting 13 days! Who knows what would have happened?!

The war is almost done, and you know what THAT means…

So I don’t have to tell you.


*Cysero gets up and starts heading out the door. Artix grabs him by the arms and sits him back down, pointing at the keyboard*

Ok, I guess I DO have to tell you. it is apparently in my job description that I have to do this. Who knew?

Once the war is over you will have access to the Boss Fight! You will also unlock the last 2 quests in the Doomwood: Necropolis saga… the final fight against Noxus and the Titan battle, which is one of my favorites to date. He eats your dragon’s mana. Fun, right?

You will notice a few new buttons when you talk to Artix (Other Classes and Purify Doom Weapon) and yes, we are aiming to release at LEAST ONE (maybe both) of the promised classes this week…. as well as the new levels of the Doomies AND the purified versions!

I would also like to point out the tiny music note in the upper right hand corner of the Noxus quest. Click on this to load Warcry of the Paladin by TheOutCrowd (remember him from the music contest?), and play it while fighting Noxus and his creations! It makes a fun quest even more fun!

Speaking of contests, we have a new one… it’s a Screenshot contest! Here is the official thread!

Good luck in the contest, and against Noxus, and if you’re a Dragonlord…. against the Titan! You’re gonna need it!

The new boss of the war was okay, but fighting Noxus was a real treat. The titan was a bit disappointing to me, but still awesome.
Now, for possibly our biggest part in this post
In Mechquest:


Star Date: June 25th, 3008
The train is running!!
So, we managed to roll out another huge update in what seems like no time whatsoever! Today we have a new town, Khaeldron, the Drakel town! The Hovertrain is now running between the towns. To gain reputation in Khaeldron, you can escort the train through the desert… try to keep up with the train – Don’t lose it! Also, we have introduced a new strange native race in Westion called, the Vul’Kharim. The Vul’Kharim are a nomadic race that lives in the desert and causes many headaches to the peoplel of Westion…

And on the homepage:

The Train to Khaeldron!
Train routes to Khaeldron are now open!
The hovertrain on Planet Westion has been repaired and regular routes between Khaeldron and Alamonia are open once again! First talk to Jhaek and Arin-Ha in Alamonia about fixing the train. when the train is fixed, you may travel freely between the two towns… We assure you, the train is completely safe…Of course there are no giant mutant vulture people rampaging around desert attacking trains!

Note! The Insect War in Alamonia rages on! Please go to the Alamonia war camp on Planet Westion to participate! BTW – There’s a Mecha shop AND a Starship Items shop waiting for you at the end of this war!

This update was raw awesomeness.

Nothing much happening in AQWorlds, but I’ll let you know today if there is.


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