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Analysis of 6/26/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on June 26, 2008

The war in Westion finally ended, and with it came what you might expect from war ending: A new boss and new rewards. Read on for more.

About: The end of the Westion war brought a new boss monster and some new rewards. The boss monster kind of explains itself, and I will get into it a little more when I make my opinion on it. The rewards were some new mechas as well as some Starship customizability items as well.

My Opinion: There were really two parts to this update, so I’ll discuss each one of them separately. First, the boss monster: The boss monster was in fact a Monster Worm (really surprsied me here), and while it is pretty cool and once again impresses me with nice animations and attacks, I was disappointed to see no resistances, special abilities, special attacks, and not even damage indicators on the information screen. Definitely a bit bland, and while it did force me to use a more strategic setup, I was hoping for more and just didn’t get it. The second part was the rewards, which are decently powerful mechas and some starship items. The mechas were definitely balanced well and they have chances to do special attacks. Overall, I like them a lot and think they are another good alternative to the house mechas. Unfortunately, the Nova Gem mecha is once again superior to the Star Captain one (albeit much less than in the past), which was definitely a disappointment. The starship rewards weren’t exactly stunning, although it was easily apparent the Nova Gem ones were just flat-out better and had more effort put into them than the Star Captain ones. Again, not a step in the right direction.

Overall Grade of Update: 8.5/10. While AE did some good things and got the major things right, there were a lot of little things they could have done to really enhance this war ending, which is why the update didn’t get as good a grade as it very well could have.

Once again, enjoy! The Comments section is open and running, so feel free to post away!


6 Responses to “Analysis of 6/26/08 Update”

  1. Shindia said

    Yes the Nova version of the Equinox is slightly better but all versions of it are extremely good thanks to the whip – due to its low cooldown it makes this mech (in pretty much all forms) a perfect lockdown mech – I took my lvl 18 SC version and breezed through Knife and Spork final challenge to test it out (didn’t have to retry and beat all the mechs including E3 with ease).

    I’ve heard it reported that people have finished the K&S final challenge with the lvl 11 version too 😮

    Without a doubt this is the best mech currently available, all you need to do is use the whip first and whenever it is off cooldown and most fights are simple.

  2. sinani200 said

    It’s definitely one of the best mechs currently available. I would say it’s the best on Westion, and Westion has some pretty good ones too.

  3. Casel said

    New nova-gem lvl 20 mech was released just now!Check it out i´ts Uber overpowered mech But it is sad that Star captains can´t get a lvl 20 equinox mech:( but the lvl 18 is fine!BTW i´m a SC with no-nova gems!

  4. sinani200 said

    Once I finally get Part II of my Nova Gem to Star Captain Crisis series finished this new level 20 Nova Gem mecha will be a nice addition to my point… I won’t edit anything into my analysis since it’s pointed out here in the Comments section. It is an extremely powerful mech, and can make a very good arguement on being the best mecha in the game. The special abilities and fantastic health make it crazy good.

  5. Brytz said

    In design notes, a level cap is going to 23.

  6. sinani200 said

    Yes, one of the many announcements made on that Design Notes post. I’m thinking of making a whole new post just to analyze what the Design Notes discussed because of its pure uberness. 🙂

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