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Analysis of 6/25/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on June 25, 2008

This week’s major update discovered the neighboring town to Alamonia: Khaeldron! Now that the train route from Alamonia to Khaeldron has been opened up, the Drakels need our help protecting it. This release features a new town, new plotlines, a new quest, a new enemy, and new rewards, and read on to find out why I think this new release is as good as Westion’s grand opening.

About: This week’s release was the addition of Khaeldron to Westion, which includes a number of walk-through areas that, in time, will be brimming with shops and customers. We also got to meet the two Drakels we saw in Alamonia and find out that they are the main NPCs of Khaeldron. Along with the grand opening of Khaeldron AE released the biggest attraction of the city, a new quest where you (literally) have to defend the train from more desert beasts. You are back in the desert and see a train directly behind you traveling off the screen. Continue to the next screen to keep up with the train; if not you will be left behind and forced to start over! You only have to beat one incoming enemy to gain the normal five reputation points, although beating two gives ten points and so on. At 100 reputation you unlock a rewards shop with new weapons to buy, each with some nice special abilities.

My Opinion: I thought this was release was very similar to Westion’s grand opening, and that is NOT a bad thing. In fact, this release was just as good as that one, and in some ways even better. The opening scene and ensuing energy blades fight was a fantastic introduction and I really like the way they included it into the update. It may go fairly unnoticed by most, but small touches like these are really what makes some of these updates so great. The scenery for Khaeldron was very nice and western-themed, and I’m glad they stuck with the main two NPCs from Alamonia for Khaeldron. The reputation-themed quest was great and I liked the real-time train defending. The new enemy was just flat-out awesome: Amazing animations and graphics, very nice difficulty level forcing me to stray from my normal brute setup into a stun one, and finally we see the damage indicators so I can really get a feel for how good the enemy is. In fact, the only slightly disappointing aspect of this release was the rewards. I was perfectly fine with not getting any new mechas since we got Khaeldron ones from the previous week’s quest, although I was hoping the new weapons would at least rival the house mecha ones. Alas, they didn’t, and that did slightly disappoint me. However, I was very happy to see the Star Captain items outdo the Nova Gem ones, and that is definitely a step in the right direction regarding that issue.

Overall Grade of Update: 9.5/10. While the grades would show that Westion’s original release was a little better than this one, I’ll admit that I probably overreacted a little on Alamonia and that this release was actually better. Overall, I really liked the well-roundedness of the update, and I can really tell they put a lot of work and effort into this release *cough* unlike the war *cough*. I think Westion is really shaping up to be epic, and I can’t wait to see what AE does next!

Enjoy! I hope I’m a little more down to earth on this analysis than of Westion’s, although if there’s anything you’d like to comment on regarding this post or the update, feel free to post in the Comments section below. šŸ™‚


2 Responses to “Analysis of 6/25/08 Update”

  1. adam said

    the best bit is the inn it looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dran said

    Meh. I enjoyed the update. Cause i was getting bored with Alamonia. Hope it gets better.

    My rating: 7/10

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