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I’m Back! Also, I got a New Name (AND news on DF, MQ, and AQW)

Posted by Chickencowlord on June 22, 2008

Hey, I’m (Gorgox) back for the blog! I should be able to update for quite a while now! I won’t have to just stop because I can’t keep updating. I changed my name to Chickencowlord, since I’m that on the Battleon Forums. In other news, AE has launched a new game (about to go into beta testing) Called AdventureQuest Worlds! One thing sets this game apart from the other AE games: It’s MULTIPLAYER! Yep, no more restriction to just you on the screen. I’m Chickencowlord in AQWorlds too, so look for me. The game is testing, and is missing a few simple things, such as an actual friend list. But beta will come with lots of new features, and that may be one of them! Beta will begin sometime from tomorrow to Friday.

DragonFable now has an undead WAR going on! It really is massive, get out your light weapons and sharpen them a few times for this one. Here are the design notes.

June 20th, 2008

See What Good Taste We Have?

Once again we find ourselves racing you, dear heroes of Falconreach, to the end of the war. The Boss fight is all ready, so is the Titan battle but the one in the middle… the Necropolis finale quest where you face down Noxus and we tie the whole thing together… we’re still working on that one.

So why am I fighting war waves with you? Cause I am an idiot. And the experience is pretty good.

I just wanted to show you guys that we have SOME taste. In the original end of the necropolis Noxus was this undead obsessed scientist type. Basicly harmless, just nuts. See, when he was a kid all that he ever wanted was a puppy, but he never got one. So he has spent his entire career trying to make himself one… an undead puppy. Sadly, even though he has nearly perfected his art, he just couldn’t get that puppy right. He had a pit in his lab, and when he failed in his latest attempt he’d grab the poor thing and toss it into the undead puppy pit and start all over from scratch. There had to be hundreds of the cuddly undead in there. You were going to kick him into the pit after you defeated him in battle… ripped straight out oft 300.

I wrote most of that cutscene a few weeks ago, so when I started building the quest a few days ago I cracked open that text file and, know what? That’s REALLY SICK!

When Artix and I were talking about it at the beginning of the zone, we were laughing at that idea so hard that we couldn’t see through our tears… and maybe it IS that funny, but it’s also really disturbing. We scrapped the idea and went in a totally different direction.

And that is our editing process.

In other news, forumite and DF player Suuichi was so inspired by J6’s SROD that he made himself a Skullstaff of Doom!


Today’s release: Happens when you beat the war!

June 13th, 2008



The WAR is now LIVE!


We have a LOT happening today!

First and most importantly we’d all like to say Happy Birthday Ghost! Since he came on the team he was been my personal savior more times than I care to count. Way past “I owe you a bagel” more into the realm of “I owe you my first 3 children”. He has come a long way as an animator and an artist (In fact, unbeknownst to him, he was forced to make the art for the war weapon drops… which were made to celebrate his own birthday! HA!) and I always know that when we need something animated with mind-blowing awesome sauce and a side of sneevil fries, he is the dead guy to turn to.

Ghost, here’s to you! Happy Birthday!

Speaking of the 4 levels of weapon drops from the war, all 4 levels are for ALL players! up to level 37! We haven’t shown the free players enough love lately so these are the highest level of weapons that we’ve ever made for you!

Ghost will also upgrade your Cloak of Doom in exchange for a few Defender’s Medals. You can upgrade the level 5 rare cloak to ANY of the higher level cloaks… all you need are the right number of Defender’s Medals.

The Dragon Amulet Only war quest features the Scary Doll monster, which was abyssofmillenium’s prize winning Monster Contest design. As a special WAR RARE ITEM you can get 3 levels of the Scary Doll PET from the DA only quest! You can also buy the lowest level version of the Scary Doll from the my Superstore of Savings if you have the spare Dragon Coins and don’t feel like farming.

Also launched today is DF’s own Wallpaper page. These quality wallpapers were built by our own Randor the Red, (pulled from the ranks of the forums, much like Ghost, and into the Artix Entertainment family). These are all free! Check out Reens as Ms. June 2008!

If you are the type of Dragon Amulet holder who only has time to stop in on the weekends don’t forget to see Lady Celestia about your Color Customizable and/or Evolved versions of the Dragonlord Armor that we release on Tuesday to celebrate your dragon’s birthday and Dragon Fable’s 2 year anniversary!

This war will be a long one but the rewards are numerous, the monsters are fun and the gold and xp are pretty decent! Fight hard, heroes of Falconreach!

The release is nearly ready. We are in the last few minutes of testing and we should have this week’s release out to you in the next 15 days.


The WAR is now LIVE!


Also, Mechquest has a new war starting! A bug invasion! The DNs don’t say much more, so I won’t post them.

More news on AQW as time goes by. For now here are the most recent DNs

Design Notes

June 19th,2008
I loved all of your suggestions on the forums for the Pizza Shop names. J6 is drawing the shop now! I have narrowed it down and we are figuring out which one it will be the old fashioned way…. NERF GUN DUELS! (My trusty 6 shooter will not let me down.)

All of this pizza talk caused us to go to my place and actually order pizza last night. We played rock band and laughed until pretty late into the night. This morning we got in early… I do not know if I mentioned this, but J6 is attempting to do the entire new Captital city in TWO Days. Miltonius is working on the NPCs and Minimal is working on adding new features to the game. While we work on this… I would like to ask your help on the most important item in the entire game….

Name the most important thing in the game!
There is an ancient and magical tome which holds the secrets of the world. It also happens to be a handy reference guide to becoming the greatest hero in the land.. an ArchKnight! Unique to our world, this book’s magically self-writing pages will give the reader quests sending them on perilous adventurers against great evil (although, it is prone to the occasional typo…)

FORUM QUESTION: What should we name it?

The Lore Grimoire
ArchKnight for Dummies
The Quest Log (We should have a stump in game called this)
Mystical Tome of NewPunland
The Magic Phone Book

… any ideas?

RPG DOT Interview
Valencia and I did an interview at RPGdot. I would like to thank everyone in chat who helped me with it on monday! (The AFK one just kills me)

MechQuest News
It is now possible to walk around other player’s Starships. You can go to a random one, or you can enter someone’s ID# if you know it. Also, it looks like there is trouble brewing on the Planet of Westion… time for the first off-world WAR!?

Also, if you’d like to work here at the site, check out the help wanted page.

One more thing: If you have a better name for the site, please share it. It would be greatly appreciated

Also, Guitar Hero Aerosmith is coming out in a few days! I’m a huge fan of Aerosmith, so I’m REALLY exited about this.

4 Responses to “I’m Back! Also, I got a New Name (AND news on DF, MQ, and AQW)”

  1. some dude said

    i need help it will not let me log in to the new game for AE, it says connecting to server but it never does

  2. Chickencowlord said

    The server is offline right now

  3. some dude said

    no i mean when the server was up but it would not let me connect

  4. Chickencowlord said

    Hmm, Your computer may not be able to handle the game. Did you try refreshing the game and relogging in?

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