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Analysis of 6/6/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on June 6, 2008

A super-duper special major Friday MechQuest update finally saw the release of a brand new planet, a western-themed one named Westion (duh). Read on for more.

About: This week’s update saw the addition of Westion to the ever-growing list of planets to explore (sarcasm intended here ;)). Being the first off-Soluna City planet (the Moon doesn’t count), many people were unsure of what to expect. What we got was a planet with two main screens to travel to, both with western-themed roads and buildings, none of which actually opened up. In the main screen the main NPC, Clyde, welcomes you to their city named Alamonia. You can talk to him about the situation there between Alamonia and Kaeldron, a nearby territory infiltrated with Drakels, apparently an enemy of the Alamonians. You start on Alalmonia’s side and to gain reputation with them, you go on missions to defeat incoming bandits. We also get a taste of the Drakels on the second screen, where it appears that two Drakels have been trapped on Alamonia and can’t get off. During the mission we go face-to-face with two new enemies, the Wrangler and Khael Snake. You can also randomly get treasure chests with varying amounts of credits in them. Through it all you also unlock a new uniform and four new mecha models (one non-Star Captain, one Star Captain, and two Nova Gem).

My Opinion: For some reason I can’t really understand why this update hasn’t been given the praise I believe it deserves. When you look at the update from every angle, there is nothing you can criticize and everything to love. The entire layout was well-drawn and really gives off a western-like vibe. The uniform is a nice touch and adds to the western theme as well. The two new enemies were created really well and the graphics and animations are superb, not to mention that they are challenging but beatable and scaled very well for all levels. The four mechs are all great and powerful, but are not too amazing nor too weak. The mission itself was well-created and the treasure chest are a nice touch, and I really like the idea of reputation points (a LOT more than the profession rolls), since it makes so much more sense and is so much more realistic. And my favorite part of the entire update, the plot is shaping up to be truly epic. They set up an amazing side-plot with the disturbance between Alamonia and Kaeldron, and we are placed in a great spot, looking to mend the bad feelings and ally them with us to fight against the ShadowScythe. There are so many ways this plot can develop and I’m really excited to see how it pans out, and how it ultimately connects back to the ShadowScythe.

Overall Grade of Update: 10/10. I’m sure this will surprise many (if not most) people, but I grade updates by starting at a perfect ten and removing points when I see areas where AE went wrong. Needless to say, AE did not go wrong, and not only that, they easily exceeded my expectations. This update was without a doubt the most well-rounded I have seen to date. They have set the bar extremely high for off-Soluna City planets, and I can only hope to continue to see the quality of work that I was able to witness this week. Great work AE! 🙂

Enjoy! Feel free to post your feedback in the Comments section, especially why I’m completely wrong and this update really wasn’t as good as I made it out to be. 😉


20 Responses to “Analysis of 6/6/08 Update”

  1. Brytz said

    My only problem about this release there was no Lv20 free mechas. Can’t they give free players a chance.

  2. adam said

    comon nothings there yet and u can’t go to Kaeldron

  3. Shindia said

    While I can understand that you liked the update I think 10 is a bit excessive given when it actually is – 2 screens of street, a single mission which involves fighting enemies till you get bored or die and 2 new mech models (1 of which is buyable in several variants). To me that hardly ranks as the most amazing update yet.

  4. sinani200 said

    Okay, let’s see how many people I can try and convince… 😛

    @Brytz: It is definitely a shame that free players couldn’t get access to any truly high level mecha, however, you must remember that this is only the original release of the planet, and I am sure that in the future, in more important battles, there will be even better rewards for free players. I can understand where you’re coming from, but I think we may just have to wait and see on this.

    @adam: Saying nothing is there yet is an understatement (there’s actually more there than you think), but we couldn’t really expect AE to release *two* planets in one week, could we? That would be excessive and we wouldn’t be judging their update on a fair scalee.

    @Shindia: Just a couple things you missed: It is 2 streets, but there is another varying form of a screen during the mission, four mecha models (not two, there are rewards at the end), a uniform, two new enemies, and the plot, which I think is terrific. I may be overreacting with the plot since I know most people don’t pay as much attention or put as much weight on it as I do, but I still think it’s really great and deserves recognition.

    I think what I’m trying to say is that this update was a lot bigger than we think it is and our expectations should not have been this high for an entirely new, first planet. I graded this update on a relatively low scale because of the difficulty involved in making a new planet with new everything, and they easily beat what I had in mind.

    I really appreciate the comments (it may not sound like it since I’m kinda arguing with you ;)), so keep ’em coming! 🙂

  5. Shindia said

    There are only 2 mecha models (as in looks) and 4 buyable variants of one of those models (the other model isn’t available but I’m guessing might be in the other town once we can get there).

    The uniform is nice but not at laser eye which is a pain.

    Plot wise there is very little actual plot, a lot is alluded to but nothing actually happens, in fact the only plot development is finding out about the 2 towns animosity to each other currently.

    To take things on another tack, you often mention when rating wed or fri updates that you are rating them accordingly – this is the equivalent of both rolled into one time wise so deserves to be rated critically.

  6. Kris said

    They wouldn’t release two planets in one week, it’s one planet with two cities 😉 Just a little error in your comment.

    I really like this zone to be honest. I can’t seem to do well at the quest but I’ll get there and see the rewards. If the snake-mech isn’t a reward yet, it probably will be. I upgraded to SC on Friday and I’m glad I did ’cause this looks like it’s going to be a good place. Bring on the revolvers!

  7. zamuelnow said

    While I also think this release is excellent, I think another issue is the fact that they were originally going to have the starship release this week but were having coding issues. Also, though I prefer reputation over completely and utterly random stat rolls, I’m starting to think it was handled a tiny bit better on the moon.

    @Brytz: That does sort of suck but I think their two specific things to take into account:
    -Other than Knife & Spork (which is optional), there is no “need” to be level 20
    -AE is trying to fill the gap of non-rare level 16-19 mecha

  8. adam said

    after getting 100 reputation and leving my first message i went on club penguin. it completly changed my mind and now i can say OMG westion is AMAZING compared to that lame baby game!

    go mechquest down with club penguin!

  9. sinani200 said

    @Shindia: Ah, I see what you mean, thanks for clarifying. Still, two mecha models with all-new weapons and animations isn’t bad, is it? 😉 I agree that it’s definitely a problem that the uniform is not available at the Space Guy store, so I can only hope AE sees that and adds it. The plot isn’t much yet since it has only begun, but when I look at how the plot can develop in the future I can really see some outstanding results, which is why I am so optimistic about it. Regarding the Wednesday/Friday thing, I do grade the updates on two different scales, however when there’s only one major update I still grade it as a normal Wednesday update and not a combo, since Friday updates are usually separate and do not relate to the major release.

    @Kris: Thanks for noticing that, that’s what I meant. 😛 Yep, the snake mech is really awesome and I can only hope it becomes a reward in the future (of course, we can’t keep on stealing the enemy mechs, can we?).

    @zamuelnow: It was definitely too bad that the Starship customization didn’t come out, but because AE announced beforehand it wouldn’t be coming this week, I won’t downgrade them at all.

    @adam: One comment to that: MechQuest > Club Penguin. ‘Nuff said. 🙂

  10. Brytz said

    I recently found that when they release the next update, they would have the Starship customization.

  11. sinani200 said

    How did you find out?

  12. Brytz said


  13. Brytz said

    You got a typo. When you start talking about the rakels you wrote emeny. It is actually enemy.

  14. Brytz said


  15. sinani200 said

    Did you hear it from a staff member/mod/AK/ or from a normal member?

    Btw, thanks for noticing the typo.

  16. adam said

    k so when does it come out?

  17. sinani200 said

    According to Brtyz, next week, although I’m not sure who he heard it from.

  18. Brytz said

    Knew it!

  19. Anonymous said

    how much does it cost for a ticket?

  20. sinani200 said

    If your a Star Captain it’s free, although for non-Star Captains I believe it is 1K.

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