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Stun Gun RC1? What?

Posted by The Peanut Master on June 3, 2008

If you’ve been up to date on the MechQuest news and happenings lately, you’ve probably heard talk about the Stun Gun RC1, an extremely old and out-of-date weapon that has resurfaced as a crucial strategic aspect of defeating the Knife and Spork Challenges as well as a weapon every top player has to have. So what exactly is this weapon, you ask? In this blog post I’ll explain exactly what the Stun Gun RC1 is, why it’s been ignored all this time, and why it’s resurfaced as one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

The Stun Gun RC1, at first glance appears to be an absolutely terrible weapon. It was released way back when Soluna City was first launched, doing only 10-15 damage, using up 50 energy and having an 8 turn cooldown. Of course, it has a 100% of a two turn stun, but we’ll get to that in a while ago. Anyways, back when this weapon was released, it was known as over-priced and underpowered and overall not worth the buy. Remember that back then we only had four weapon slots, so to virtually throw away one of them for a weapon that can only be used once for minimal damage was was a big deal. Not to mention that energy and energy regeneration was not in huge supply, and 50 energy on one attack was absolutely HUGE. Put that together with the fact that it only did 10-15 damage and it easily became a forgotten weapon that no one would talk about again.

Fast forward to today. We now have six weapon slots and tons of energy to spare. We have so many other high-powerful weapons that one lower-damaged one doesn’t ruin anything. 100% stunning weapons are in short supply and the few that do only stun for one turn. The Knife and Spork opens up and no one seems to know how in the world to beat the whole dang thing. We need a new strategy… a new idea… a new reemergence. It only took a few intellectual minds to realize how amazingly powerful the Stun Gun RC1 actually is, especially now that the fifty energy only makes a small dent in the energy tank and the eight-turn cooldown is easily eclipsed by five other high-powered weapons. Even the 10-15 damage is overtaken by other weapons that can do damage into the sixties and beyond. The 100% two-turn stun is matched by no other weapon in the game, which makes it an extremely powerful and potential battle-changing weapon, and that is what it ultimately became.

Overall, the Stun Gun RC1’s two-turn stun is an unspeakably valuable tool, and was the main reason many players were able to defeat the Knife and Spork Challenge, easily housing the toughest fights in the game. Being only a level three weapon, it is available to virtually anyone, and it is a huge bargain at only 5000 credits (when it came out 5K was a lot, now it’s chump change for many).

To conclude, I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to have the Stun Gun RC1 equipped in their inventory. It is arguable the greatest weapon in the game and to pass up on a guaranteed two-turn stun is, in my eyes, virtually a sin. Trust me, buying this weapon will be one of the best things you could do for your character.

I bought it. You can too.


9 Responses to “Stun Gun RC1? What?”

  1. adam said

    where can i buy it from

  2. sinani200 said

    The Stun Gun RC1 is available at the Star Captain’s Lounge. It is a Star Captain-only weapon, however.

  3. Willkill12 said

    You’re absolutely right. People didn’t used to use this weapon due to its high ep cost. But now with mechs like runeHawk with290ep, this is no longer a problem. I used to have that weapon, but I sold it as more high lvl items were added to the game.

  4. Arikromus said

    True. It’s only 20 EP more than the V3 weapons (excepting some of Runehawk’s) and works amazingly with the Energy Sap on Wolfblade’s.

  5. Brytz said

    My only problem is why did it have to be shit at the start.

  6. Arikromus said

    As a side note, I lost again after a WB used its Energy Sap. That’s annoying. On a side note, I completely crushed an E3.

  7. sinani200 said

    Well, it was really bad at the start because the cooldown and energy usage was unbearable (as well as the 10-15 damage output), if that’s what you’re asking.

  8. Spaces said

    Also, this weapon is one of the only back arm 100% stun weapons. Since it’s SC-only, you can equip this and a SES for a huge power boost. So far it’s working for me 😉

  9. sinani200 said

    The SES-Stun Gun RC1 automatic 3-turn is lethal, to say the least. 🙂

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