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Prediction of 6/4/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on June 3, 2008

Last week my prediction didn’t exactly go so well, and I don’t expect it to get any better this week. We have received absolutely no clues whatsoever as to what this week’s update will be, whether it be from a Newsletter or Design Note. So therefore I’m going on a whim and just listing the updates that might actually happen. Here goes nothing… (in no particular order, btw)

1. Target Practice 101

This has been an update that appears to be long overdue, due to GEARS not being updated in what feels like ages. It wouldn’t be a particularly hard update to create, which would give them more time to work on Westion. I’m still not sure AE is ready to introduce Target Practice into the game (whatever that is), but none of the possibilities I can think of this week are that likely, so this update has as good a chance as any to be implemented.

2. Westion

I talked about it last week, and I was dead wrong. Maybe it will happen this week, although I still think it’s doubtful due to Warlic not really giving us too many previews and updates on how the development is going.

3. Starship Customization

This is pretty much in the same boat as Westion. Also a doubtful release since it doesn’t look to be ready yet.

4. No Release

*shudders* Could it be? Techincally, AE hasn’t said one single thing about this week’s update, which means they may have devoted this week’s development time to Westion. I would be slightly surprised if they didn’t release anything, but if you think about it, it makes a little bit of sense…

5. Something Else

I’m not really sure what else they could release beyond what I stated here, but you never know. AE can do weird things that we could never have predicted (see: Captain Rhubarb in AQWorlds).

Let’s try that again…

Due to a late-ish Newsletter, we now know exactly what will be released this week (on Friday): The beginning of Starship Customization and Westion! Let the speculation… end! 🙂


7 Responses to “Prediction of 6/4/08 Update”

  1. Arikromus said

    I’ll say one or more GEARS classes.

  2. Brytz said

    Westion. A knew pranet! Woooo!

  3. Brytz said

    Alright. Finally we get new quests.

  4. Brytz said

    There are bugs in the custom building of Starships.

  5. sinani200 said

    Yep, I’ll edit my prediction to account for that.

  6. Arikromus said

    Heh…Correct on that prediction of bugs!

  7. Brytz said

    Westion is set in the wild west!

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