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Knife and Spork Breakthrough

Posted by The Peanut Master on May 31, 2008

I have tried, I don’t know, 20 or so different setups to attempt to beat the seemingly indestructible Diner Contestant40, or E3 with a RuneHawk Star Commander V.3 without access to Nova Gems (but access to Star Captain-only weapons). I was going to give up when I decided to try another strategy, and I am extremely pleased to report that it worked! I was not only able to defeat Contestant40 three times straight (all in the same challenge), but I was also able to finish off the other various enemies that popped up and beat the final challenge!

Here’s the setup I used:

Front Arm: Mechronomicon Ch. 6
Back Arm: Stun Gun RC1
Front Shoulder: Shadow Napalm
Back Shoulder: Shadow Napalm
Head: Psychic Force
Body: Mana Focus

And here’s the order in which I used the attacks (for Diner Contestant40):

BS (If needed)

I was able to beat the E3 even while getting a ghostly gun from the Mechronomicon and a normal attack from the Mana Focus (albeit with 35 hitpoints left). I’m seriously thinking that AE decided to slightly nerf the E3 because it hasn’t used its stun for a long while and it’s bonuses are only occurring some of the time (as opposed to all the time). You’ll also notice that I never once used my Back Arm, the Stun Gun RC1. The fact is the E3 has a 60 immobility resist, and the odds aren’t good enough that the stun will pull through to warrant taking the risk, because if it doesn’t work, to put it bluntly, you’re screwed. The only reason that weapon is there is for the four other enemies you can face at the final challenge (April Fools mech and the three house mechs). The Stun Gun is a vital aspect in those fights, and in many of them without it I probably would have lost.

Feel free to continue to post comments regarding the Knife and Spork here (or in the other post, it doesn’t really matter). Enjoy!

P.S. I will be writing up a nice, long post about different strategic weapon setups soon, so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled!


10 Responses to “Knife and Spork Breakthrough”

  1. Arikromus said

    For Mystraven:
    Level 20 Base equip + Mystraven Level 20 head
    Back Arm
    If it does not stun then
    If not against Runehawk
    Front Arm
    Front Shoulder
    Back Shoulder
    Back Arm
    Front Arm
    Front Shoulder
    Back Shoulder
    …and back to the beginning.

  2. Arikromus said

    The Mystraven body is useless against a Runehawk mech.
    Actually, I use the body after Wolfblade’s Body activates, Runehawk’s body activates, or when I feel it necessary. The previous list is just a general list.
    By the way, the body is the only bit contained by the “ifs”

  3. Arikromus said

    I can’t believe that I have to leave another comment.

    Laser Eye for the Space Guy is out. It is simply all of the accessible uniforms and hats in one place (does not include Christmas ones). You can also save your uniform there.

  4. sinani200 said

    Don’t worry about too many comments. 😉

    The one factor that makes the RuneHawk mech superior to the other house mechs is indeed its amazing energy and energy regeneration, and that makes the energy-sapping effects useless (unless the RuneHawk body special activates).

    I think I’ll make a short analysis post in a little while for Laser Eye for the Space Guy, I was going to but never got around to it.

  5. Casel said

    I was able to defeat lvl 20 challange with lvl 19 delta star leader equipped with shining electron sniper and nothing else just the defoults and i WON!!!

  6. sinani200 said

    Congratulations! That’s quite an accomplishment, considering you aren’t even level 20 and wasn’t using a V.3 House mech.

    Stunning Weapons > Knife and Spork Challenge

    And there lies thy secret. 🙂

  7. Arikromus said

    Truthfully, the only times I lose now are when I’m careless around Runehawk mechs.

  8. CK said

    does any one know how to get a body attack for house mechs?

  9. sinani200 said

    The level 20 versions of the house mechs automatically have body attacks equipped.

  10. archie! said

    well, against runehawks, i just waited for them to do the body special and put in wolf slam…
    can anyone say -50 energy??
    and for the E3, well, once it had owned me down to quite low health, and it had less than half its ep i use wolf slam, put it into minus, attack for 3 turns while it recovers, and if you’re not quite finished, then stun with wolfsmasher and attack again…!!
    everyone else just died as long as they didnt get too many specials..

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