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Analysis of 5/14/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on May 15, 2008

As expected, Wednesday’s release in MechQuest brought us to the finale of the Soluna City quest chain, and boy was it a finale! We finally got to battle Slugwrath mech-to-mech in the biggest boss battle yet! Not to mention the cutscene… anyways, here we go!

About: This update concluded the Soluna City quest chain with a bang! First, every player had to find the five boss commanders infiltrating Soluna City (these were Shadow E3’s). Once all five are defeated, you meet Slugwrath once again and fight him straight up. Once he is defeated, you see a cutscene showing him ejecting his mech pod and meeting a couple ShadowScythe, who promptly pummel him to a pulpit in his mech. We then get a quick glance of his head in a jar on a desk, and sitting behind that desk is, we presume, Lord Valoth, who looks eerily similar to a familiar character *cough* Zorbak *cough* (plus, when you click his eyes/mouth it takes you to Ebil Games).

My Opinion: I’ll be honest here and say I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot, considering all AE promised was a simple boss battle. Well, that sure wasn’t all. Yes, we got a boss battle, but we got to fight one of the coolest new enemies in MechQuest history and an awesome cutscene as well. This cool new enemy is the boss commander of the ShadowScythe, the Shadow E3, and let me tell you something, that is the coolest, baddest mech I’ve seen yet. The looks and animations of it are absolutely stunning, and I am highly impressed that AE was able to pull this off, as well as Slugwrath’s mech, which was very well done in its own right. We also got a neat cutscene that was also fun to watch and looked like it was done extremely well. Overall, the quality of this update was fantastic and I know I had a lot of fun playing through it. The way the plot for MechQuest has developed over the first seven months is almost unspeakable for such a new game, and this update definitely capped it off. However, the update did have its one shortfall. There were no rewards to speak of in this update, and even though AE has said there will be new mechs released later on this week, I thought that AE could add it with this update.

Summary of Enemy Monsters: This update definitely provided two of the coolest mechs in MechQuest, the Shadow E3 and Slugwrath. The Shadow E3 is truly a work of art, and Slugwrath’s mech is not far behind. AE did a tremendous job creating this new enemies, and I know I’m not alone when I say I had a lot of fun battling these new enemies. Both, especially Slugwrath with his double damage attack, were fairly difficult enemies to defeat, and even though I was hoping they would have new resistances and start branching out with the strategy aspect of the game, I was throughly impressed with the difficulty (hard, but not hard enough to be unbeatable).

Possible Farming Strategies: As good as the new enemies were, there are still better places to farm (see: Kerberos, Moon Missions, Labyrinth, etc.).

Rewards: Unfortunately, there were no rewards released with this update expect for the return of the SDF/Delta mechs. AE has promised to release the Shadow E series of mechs later this week however.

Overall Grade of Update: 9.0/10. I was debating whether to give this a 9 or a 9.5, but I decided to go with a 9 simply because there actually wasn’t a whole lot released in this update. We pretty much got two new enemies and a cutscene. And that’s it. Now granted, those two enemies and the cutscene were pretty darn good, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that that was it. No new areas, no new mechs/weapons, no new anything else. Having said that though, the update was still made extremely well, and it sure doesn’t hurt that I actually got goosebumps after destroying Slugwrath and seeing Queenadent Pureheart promoted to the throne that Slugwrath once held.

Enjoy! The Comments section is open for any and all comments regarding my analysis of the update and the update in general.


13 Responses to “Analysis of 5/14/08 Update”

  1. Legendary_blood_sucker 2268436 said

    Honestly, fighting with slugwrath was my hardest fight among all. Its because he did double damage on me twice in a row and I was not lucky in stealing his EP.
    You got a pretty good analysis. Keep up the good work.

    one more thing, why did you not mention about the coming shadowscythe mechas tomorrow. Just curious. 😕

  2. Cross said

    Boss Battle was crazy, and I agree with you on the topic that “The Shadow E3 is truly a work of art, and Slugwrath’s mech is not far behind.”(even though Slugwath’s mecha only had two moves lol). Still A Super Cool update and can’t wait till we can all buy the new ShadowScythe E-series mecha later on today (even though we won’t be able to add any parts to them what so ever). Thx for the info! 😉 9/10 for me too.

  3. Casel said

    Haha,I didn´t know about the eyes!But i really enjoyed reading this and I´ll give this reliase a 8/10!

    sorry if english is bad!

  4. sinani200 said

    I actually didn’t really talk about it (I think I’ll edit in some more on this in a couple minutes), but Slugwrath was, besides being a very cool-looking enemy, a very tough one as well, due to the double damage he can sometimes activate.

    @Legendary: I didn’t mention the new ShadowScythe mechas because they weren’t a part of this update, and will only be a part of Friday’s update.

    Thanks for all the comments everyone!

  5. zamuelnow said

    While I found Slugwrath’s mecha to be equally, if not more cool than the E3, I found him to be a pushover since he never activated his effects on me and I fought him twice since I had sound off the first time I saw the cutscene. I’m glad that they mixed up the design on the students for Warlic’s speech instead of the usual blue haired clones. I like the fact that Odessa was made Queenadent but I might start a joke “Kingadent…Four Mour Years!” campaign.

  6. sinani200 said

    Sorry to hear you weren’t able to witness Slugwrath’s effect; you may have just been unlucky (or lucky? I’m not sure which).

    I was also very happy to see some new faces at the induction ceremony, since I was definitely sick of the same old identical students.

  7. zamuelnow said

    The audience at Warlic’s speech was primarily female. That reminds me of the fact that of the generic student NPCs, there’s more variance among the males than females. Out of the “normal set of students there’s both a blue and brown haired male while there’s only the blue haired females. In the Energy Blades class it cycles through nearly every hairstyle for the males but it only alternates between two for the females. In Soluna Square, two of the females have the exact same setup–the Newbatron default. The other female has the same weapons but an alt head. I doubt most of this is intentional (simply look at the number of important female NPCs) but it does get noticible after a point.

  8. arctos said

    i can’t get to the quest i got a letter saying to talk to warlic but the only quest avalible is the cure sys zero one. what’s wrong

  9. sinani200 said

    You have to completely finish Cure Sys-Zero (successfully cure him eleven times) to be able to access the Soluna City finale quest.

  10. Brytz said

    Slugwrath is so much easier than Sys-Zero.

  11. King of mechas de cabelo said

    where are queenadent??

  12. sinani200 said

    The Queenadent is located on the Moon, which you can access from your Starship.

  13. King of mechas de cabelo said


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