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Prediction of 5/14/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on May 13, 2008

Once again, AE has kindly revealed exactly what will be released in the world of MechQuest, and as a result will be responding to each update planned with my thoughts and predictions on them:

Boss Fight – On Wednesday a mysterious boss monster will appear in Soluna City, and this monster is a “very dangerous villain”, according to the most recent newsletter. Since this will be the one and only Wednesday update, I’m expecting some kind of a major challenge. This boss monster should be the hardest enemy MechQuest has ever seen, and I’m hoping there will be some kind of strategy involved. I would really love to see it have some kind of resistance to a certain element (like ballistic, laser, etc.) as that would really spice things up a bit. Couple that with high hitpoints and some nasty attacks, and as long as it’s still beatable (albeit very difficult), I’d be very happy with it. But if it falls short, that would be a major disappointment, considering it’s the lone Wednesday update this week (thankfully not the only update this entire week though).

Information Screen Overhaul – This Friday update will bring a very interesting update to MechQuest. The Information Screen you see right in the middle of the main Soluna City screen will have a major reworking, and will now show what you have done and what you should do next in MechQuest. I can really see this being a stellar update, and I know most people would greatly appreciate this addition. It is true that MechQuest has grown and expanded tremendously over its first seven months, and new players can not help but feel overwhelmed when they land on Soluna City. This should definitely help new players get started on the right track, and this when combined with the mecha price reduction, will create an extremely welcoming and easy-to-get-into game.

The comments section is open as always, and I will be back tomorrow to discuss the boss fight addition.


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    Keep up good work!

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