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Analysis of 5/8/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on May 9, 2008

A super-special one-day-early release in MechQuest brought a H-U-G-E lower level mech price reduction, as well as some low and high level weapons that set damage records! Read on for more…

About: This Thursday release held a low level mech price reduction. Mechs were cut severely for low levels. Consider: The Newbatron V1337 was originally level 3 mech that cost 20K credits. It’s only 2K now. While many (if not all) lower level mechs were costing 15-20K+ credits each, they are now costing only a few thousand at most. Also, as a bit of a reward for the higher level players who had to gut it through all these high prices, a new 18+ shop opened up in the Special Items Shop. This contains a non-Star Captain level 18 front shoulder weapon, a level 19 Star Captain front shoulder weapon, and a more powerful level 20 version of the level 19 one. In fact, this level 20 weapon becomes the highest dealing weapon in the game on a first-turn basis, and it has a 5% chance to do an energy conversion, which heals yourself for a small percentage of the damage done to the opponent. Also, two new mechs, the level 8 Battle Hammer V.2 and level 11 Battle Hammer V.3 were released as well (in the Special Items Mech Shop). The level is for free players, and the level 11 is for Star Captains. And finally, three new lower-level weapons were released, one in Tek’s Mechs in the intro shuttle and in Soluna City and two lower-level Nova Gem weapons in the Nova Gem Special items shop.

My Opinion: This is, fairly obviously, an enormous update to MechQuest, with all the lower-level mechs undergoing a ridiculous price reduction. And I’m really liking it. There was, quite frankly, a huge problem with lower level mech prices, with all of the players coming off the shuttle when Soluna City was first released having acquired tons and tons of credits, some with more than 1M. So of course AE had to make mech prices relatively high to keep everyone from complaining about not having anything to spend their credits on. Unfortunately, these higher level players never really brought it up to AE that lower-level players might not have earned as many credits as them on the shuttle and may not be making enough money to buy the lower-level mechs in Soluna City. Fortunately, due to some extremely insightful threads on the BoF forums and some good thinking from Warlic and the staff, they figured out that the mechs’ prices needed to be lowered and took action. While some may consider this action too sever, I think it was just right, and there should be no more complaints on not having enough credits to buy mechs at lower levels. Kudos to AE for figuring this one out and acting correctly upon it! The weapons are some nice compensation for the high prices they had to endure, but while people may say they deserve more, those same players are probably as uber as they can get with as many credits as they’ll ever need. The rewards were nice (the level 20 weapon automatically became the most powerful weapon in the game) but not over the top (there were only three weapons total), and the lower-level weapons/mechs that came out were a nice touch.

Summary of Enemy Monsters: There we no new enemies in this update.

Possible Farming Strategies: Nothing new here.

Rewards: The lower-levels get a huge reward with the mech prices undertaking, and the higher levels get some nice new weapons as well. All of this for absolutely nothing in return. Yay!

Overall Grade of Update: 10/10. I have to give huge props to AE for not only recognizing that all of the lower level mechs were insanely overpriced, but also acting on it and not letting it become a problem that could ultimately threaten MechQuest’s long term future. The new mechs/weapons were a nice touch, and for a special Thursday update, I just couldn’t find a reason not to give this update a perfect score. They really didn’t do anything wrong and did everything they said they would (a day early too!) and for that they should be commended.

As always, the Comments section is open for anyone to post their feedback to the update (either their own or to this post). Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Analysis of 5/8/08 Update”

  1. BigFan said

    That´s really cool!keep going!

  2. sinani200 said

    Thanks, I will! 🙂

  3. YouRock said

    Thank you for the information(:

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