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Prediction of 5/7/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on May 6, 2008

Thanks to some nice, revealing Design Notes this post will just be quoting it and a little feedback on it:

Get ready for a secret espionage mission! Admiral Pureheart wants to find out more about the Shadowscythe’s plans. So, you will need to sneak into a base, hack into their computers, download vital information and then escape!

Citizen Patrols
New patrol missions are opening up in Soluna city. The outskirts of Soluna were hit pretty badly in the last war. Some Shadowscythe units are still out there. Help clean up the warzone!

Mecha Pricedrop
Get ready! There is about to be a huge mecha price adjustment! This will greatly impact the pricing of lower level mecha models. Credit prices are being re-adjusted to make them more readily accessible to all players Nova gem prices will remain the same.”

And here’s my take on each of them:

Espionage – This sounds like a crazy, undercover mission, and you know what? I’m liking it! Sounds like AE is really going to go the full nine miles on this one, and that’s definitely something I like to say. Things I’m hoping for in this new quest: Some cut scenes, more plot revealings, new enemies, and more puns. 😉

Citizen Patrols – This doesn’t sound as enticing as the Espionage, but it makes sense that something like this would have to take place. I’m actually surprised AE is once again going to bring out two more major updates (and a smaller, but hugely important one that I haven’t gotten to yet). Things I’m hoping for in this new quest: Not a whole lot, probably a small new area and repeats of monsters is all that we’ll get. We’ll see how this develops, though.

Mecha Pricedrop – While this would probably be considered the least important update this week, I think the people over at this thread would have to disagree. The posters over at that thread talked heavily in the first few pages about the credit to experience ratio crisis at the lower levels, and how that is severely damaging MechQuest’s growth. I won’t really get into it here since it’s a very complicated subject, but I will say it is extremely important and I’m giving big props to Warlic and the staff for noticing this and adjusting accordingly.


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