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Analysis of 4/27/08 – 5/2/08 Updates

Posted by The Peanut Master on May 2, 2008

As promised, I now present to you this jam-packed analysis of all the updates in MechQuest. Due to the vast amount of updates, I have condensed each analysis to just a couple paragraphs that pretty much explain everything a larger analysis would, except in a reduced form.

1 – Ultra Boss Monster:

As the third war with the ShadowScythe came to a close, the SS had one more trick up their sleeve. They hijacked one of our battlecruisers (the nerves!) and have used it to attack us! The battlecruiser itself had 2,000,000 hitpoints, but the good thing is that it is cut up into mini-cruisers that are more fit for our level. This was a brilliant idea from the genius minds at AE HQ, and while it caused a bit of dismay at the beginning when a salvage did not open, the idea and creativity behind it was just fantastic, and I applaud AE for doing it. The boss monster itself is a well-done piece of work; it was scaled well for the levels it accompanied and looked and attacked great as well. In terms of farming, the credit rewards are pretty good and is highly recommended for credit farming, but Kerberos still surpasses it with experience rewards. Overall, I give the boss monster a perfect 10/10, just because the creativity and originality coupled with the execution was just flat-out, well, perfect.

2 – Save Character Weapons Feature:

There isn’t a whole lot to discuss here except that it was a highly anticipated and highly accepted update since it was a long time coming. The update was extremely well-liked, and because I was included in that bunch, this update also gets a 10/10, simply because nothing went wrong.

3 – Energy Swords Shop:

The last release of the week brought another highly anticipated update, the release of the Energy Swords Shop. Included are 10 total weapons, 4 of which are for free players, 4 of which are Star Captain only, and 2 of which are Nova Gem only. The weapons range through four energy classes, capping off at the top rank. The weapons are all very well made, as they all have unique looks and animations and there is sure to be something that appeals to everyone. That said, the top weapons take over the best energy swords from the Energy Blades class, and they are instantly the best in MechQuest. Once again, AE releases a near flawless update. Yet I’m going to grade a little harsh here and give it a 9.5/10. Why? Well, I would have liked to have more of a background and some more information regarding the owner of the shop, Grayson. Yes, I know that this is an Energy Blades shop, but there’s still a new NPC and I still know next to nothing about him. Putting that aside however, this is still a fantastic and well-received update in MechQuest.

4 – Rebel Delta Mechs

Part of the war rewards from killing the super boss monster was three new mecha models taking the form of the Rebel Delta. There is one for free players and a slightly stronger one for Star Captains, both equippable at level 19. There is also a much weaker level 10 nova gem mech as well. This was an update that many people wanted to see, as there was much conversation on the forums about how cool that Rebel Delta was and how much everyone wanted to own it. Well, they got their wish and I’m sure they are all very satisfied. AE didn’t change anything with the mech design, and therefore looks identical, not that that’s a bad thing. The weapons are fantastic and only do slightly less damage than the house mechs, but the opportunity for a two turn stun (Front Arm), DoT (Back Arm), and extra damage, (Front and Back Shoulders) make it a very potent mech. Unfortunately, it does not have a default body or head, so you’re stuck with just the first four slots. This is definitely offset by only two cooldown for the Front and Back Arms and three cooldown for the Front and Back Shoulders, which guarantees there will be a weapon to use to attack. Overall, the mech was extremely well done in all facets of the update, and for that I give yet another 10/10. Once again, well done!

5 – War Salvage Shop:

In past wars, the Salvage that subsequently opens up at the end has always been disappointing due to the lack of ultra powerful weapons. Unfortunately, that trends continues with this Salvage. There are a good number of a weapons in the shop, but many of them are repeats of old salvages and there are only a few new weapons. The few new ones are low-leveled and are just flat-out not that good. The one bright spot in this update is the return of the Shadow Napalms, which had mysteriously disappeared some time ago. AE never officially announced the removal, but for whatever reason they removed it they decided to bring it back in the form of a reward in a Salvage. Many people sold the napalms without realizing they couldn’t get them back, so the re-addition of the weapons is a fairly large update. However, besides that, there really isn’t anything to get too excited about, hence the 6.5/10 grade. I understand that every new release of weapons can’t automatically become the best, but there wasn’t even anything close resembling higher-level, higher-quality weapons and for something as big as a Salvage from a huge war I would expect more.

6 – Save Sys-Zero

The final installment of the Save Sys-Zero quest chain brings a semi-new minigame, along with a new enemy monster and cutscene. The objective is to get Sys-Zero to Nurse Helia, who thinks she can get Sys-Zero back to normal. Unfortunately, she is located at a faraway MASH camp and the only way to get there is to take your car. Doubly unfortunate is that while in your car you have a furious Bloodhound chasing you down, and while you are playing the minigame (not unlike what you can play at Pontimech) the Bloodhound’s big feet are constantly attempting to pummel you. One way to keep the feet at the back of the screen is to try and get the passing cars to be smashed by the Bloodhounds as it pushes him back away from you. Once you successfully complete the minigame, you will see a nice quick cutscene that shows the Bloodhound jumping ahead of you and cutting you off (why it didn’t do that in the first place escapes me, but that’s for another time). You then must fight the 400 hitpoint beast, and once defeated will pit you against the unmistakable dice roll, which starts at 50 and increases by two each time you successfully role the dice. Right before each dice roll Nurse Helia will try a different, amusing tactic to wake Sys-Zero (this includes taser blasts from Chief Duncan and mysterious tactics from Mysterious Johnson, among others). Finally, after you get 10 successful roles you should do it one more time and Nurse Helia will try one more thing: See if Odessa Pureheart can do it, and of course, she can. The whole update was really well done, from the nice minigame to the great cutscene to the awesome Bloodhound NPC. Even the little things that Nurse Helia did to try and bring back Sys-Zero were funny and amusing. Overall, this was a deep and well-executed update, and for that I give it (once again) a 10/10. Nice job!

Overall Grade of Updates: 9.5/10. This is pretty much just summing it up, and if it weren’t for the disappointing Salvage and the very small problem with the Energy Sword Shop, this would have received a perfect 10/10. But, I stand by my words that this is easily the greatest and best release week in MechQuest history (yes, even more than the first gamma release and the Soluna City release).

As always, feel free to comment on any and all of the updates this week. Whether it be feedback to this post or your own, I appreciate it nonetheless. Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Analysis of 4/27/08 – 5/2/08 Updates”

  1. SmashYouUp3008 said

    First comment!

    Anyway, the saving lightsabers feature and the new shop, well, I would give it a 8.9 overall, since low-levels can’t quite afford the new sabers, and also only SCs can save it. However, I don’t get why the Soul Reaper does less overall damage than the Soul Sapper (2-32, 10-30 respectively), which lowers the score AGAIN. As for the new quest, 10, because if you already got chased by ONE bloodhound, there is a skip button on the bottom right corner of the screen. You skip the chase and cutscene, but not the fight. Also, Hospital clothing adds bonuses to the rolls. And apparently, when you save the hospital clothes, there is a bug which stops the bonuses from happening, apparently. And yes, the salvage was AWFUL. Oh, and you can get Shadow Napalms from the last quest in the hospital, if you are a Star Captain.
    And also, the Bloodhound will rarely transform into a cannon, and along with that, it has a chance to do x2 damage.

  2. sinani200 said

    Nice analysis! The new Bloodhound special attacks were actually added to the game yesterday, and I must say, when it activates, it’s a really good attack and makes it a much tougher enemy.

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