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Review/Guide: Soluna Police Department

Posted by The Peanut Master on April 27, 2008

Welcome to the Soluna Police Department Review/Guide!

About: The Soluna Police Department profession is known as one of the better, if not the best, professions in MechQuest, due to its top-notch plot line, awesome training spot, controversy involving Worsh, and quality rewards. At the SPD you start out as a young cop looking to jump to the top of the police department. What better way to do this then going on a top-secret urgent mission! That’s right, the head of the Police Department, Chief Duncan, needs YOU to go undercover and get to the bottom of a bunch of mysterious thefts all around Soluna City! As you progress, you will uncover a plot that sends you right to the secret hideout of the Werewolf Biker Gang! Along the way you will unlock new uniforms, rewards, and get to the bottom of one of the biggest crimes Soluna City has ever seen.

Rewards: When it’s all said and done, you will unlock three different shops: The first one has a bunch weapons for your mech (Cop Shop), the next has two new mechs (SPD Mecha), and the last has one mech (The Impound).

Other Facts: On the first screen you come to you will find a little creature called Krispy and on the screen to the left another creature called Kreme (of course, no relations to Krispy Kreme ;)). On the second screen you will also find two jail cells occupied. The first cell is occupied by Worsh, and there has been much debate over whether or not he even deserves to be in jail (for crashing the starter ship). You also find a big blob named Glortch who was apparently mistaken for his brother, who had happened to eat too much pizza and probably couldn’t pay for it all (poor fellow). Also, the first boss monster you fight, Kerberos, is one of the best (if not the best) experience farming areas in the game, and is highly recommended for almost any level if you are trying to level up (and if you aren’t as concerned with credits).

Tips and Tricks: Whilst moving your rank up it is highly advised to do the “search for the dog” mission, since there is surprisingly a 100% chance for you to rank up (there isn’t even a roll, it just skips straight to the rank up screen). It isn’t that common, so take your time when trying to get it. The other missions aren’t particularly hard and they don’t require much strategy or skill, so just take it straightforward and you should be fine.

Analysis of Rewards: The only really notable weapon in the Cop Shop is the Blue Wolf Head with it’s pretty respectable +3 critical. However, it doesn’t attack, which is a big negative. The Police mechs are pretty good, but the house mechs are just plain better. The Werewolf is definitely an option for low levels if you can afford the hefty price tag (they are hefty for low levels). Overall, there isn’t a whole lot in the rewards category to get too worked up over, but the rewards that Kerberos gives definitely eclipse the tangible rewards’ shortcomings.

Enjoy! As always, feel free to comment on the SPD with your feedback to this guide, questions, comments, and anything else related to this area. Good luck on your quest to become the Police Chief!


One Response to “Review/Guide: Soluna Police Department”

  1. gamber said

    Good job, keep it up 😉

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