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Review/Guide: Mecha Combat 101

Posted by The Peanut Master on April 13, 2008

Welcome to the Mecha Combat 101 Review/Guide!

About: Mecha Combat 101 is the first true challenge zone in MechQuest. Continuing the GEARS University Classes quest chain, Mecha Combat 101 tests your real fighting ability in MechQuest. Advancing through eleven increasingly difficult zones requires strategy and power. However, since the release, much better mechs have been released, making this zone outdated and fairly easy for a medium-level player to pass through. Regardless, it is still a nice challenge and it did introduce the first attack-resistances in the game (besides immobility).

Rewards: Unfortunately, Mecha Combat 101 provides no tangible rewards. The only plausible way to think that Mecha Combat 101 can have a reward is that it provides you with the satisfaction that you advanced through the first true challenge zone in MechQuest.

Other Facts: The teacher, Aleysia, is known at GEARS University as the toughest teacher of all, and that is proven true with her tough, strict personality.

Tips and Tricks: For low to medium-level players this zone will be a nice test of how far they have come in the game. The first few levels should be very easy, as they are quick fights against one or two easy enemies. Into the later stages, though, things start to get tougher, as you start having to go through numerous enemies of higher difficulty without getting a chance to heal. This is why I recommend getting a tank-like mech, which is high on hitpoints, to survive the longer rounds. Using this setup, I would use as many stun, DOT (Damage Over Time), and low-energy weapons as possible, so as to conserve energy. You could also go the opposite route, choosing a mech with high energy and regeneration but not as many hitpoints. Then you could use heavy, ultra-powerful weapons that take up a ton of energy but do a lot of damage very fast. Either of these setups work, but don’t try to clash one part of a technique with the other, or you could be in bad shape. The last couple rounds will pit you against some enemies with resistances to laser, ballistic, etc. attacks. Here is where you need to diversify your weapon arsenal and choose weapons that the mech isn’t resistant to. This is where strategy is key, and it is extremely important that you choose the right weapons. The enemies themselves are not especially difficult, but they become much harder when you have to downgrade a few of your weapons to combat your opponent’s resistances. Trying to fight through the resistances with your top weapons is not a good idea; more often than not you’ll be doing minimal or no damage than breaking through the resistance.

Analysis of Rewards: There aren’t any rewards, so this is kind of useless, right? 😛

Good luck passing all eleven classes! As always, I highly encourage anyone to post your feedback to my review/guide, your own review/guide, or any questions, comments, or concerns you have regarding Mecha Combat 101. Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Review/Guide: Mecha Combat 101”

  1. sinani201 said

    Good guide!

  2. sinani200 said


  3. Ken said

    I like the Dunce Cap!

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