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Review/Guide: Mysterious Johnson

Posted by The Peanut Master on April 11, 2008

Welcome to the Mysterious Johnson Review/Guide!

About: Mysterious! This is the most mysterious zone in MechQuest. Not much is known about the owner of this magic and novelty item store, save the fact that the owner’s name is Mysterious Johnson and, well, he’s mysterious. Not only is he mysterious, but so is everything about his store, from the beach ball to the monkey to Master Myrzor to the punching bag. One thing we do know is Mysterious Johnson has a problem. He wants you to go fetch his “Incognite Spectre Specs” glasses for you to wear. When you head to the backroom, Evylanna, a prisoner of Mysterious Johnson, is trapped and wants you to push the big red button that say “DO NOT PUSH”. Whether or not you decide to push the button or grab the glasses makes no difference, you’ll end up pushing the button anyway. Of course, pressing the button frees Evylanna and it turns out she was trapped there to keep herself from taking over the world. Duh. Turns out, when she was released she herself released ghosts, and since you freed her, it is up to you to hunt down the ghosts and save the world. How do you do this? It’s fairly simple. First, enter the shop and buy whichever ghost-trapping weapon you prefer. You can’t do the quest without it, so I would highly recommend buying one. The better the weapon is, the better the chance of you catching a ghost. To level up to the next rank, you have to capture a set number of ghosts, which increases as you progress through the ranks. When you fight a ghost, first weaken it by attacking it normally. Then, when it reaches 30% health, it will start glowing with a red outline during your turn. When you see this, use your ghost trapper weapon and hopefully you will catch it (if you’re lucky). If not, wait for the opportunity to catch it again and try again. Remember, killing the ghost doesn’t capture it, and capturing it not only helps you advance ranks, but you get the same amount of experience and credits as if you really killed it. Along the way you will unlock special things, such as a new uniform, fortune cookies, Master Myrzor (tells you the answer to your questions), a shop with two mecha models, and at rank 25 you get access to the zone-ending spaceship quest and boss fight, and completing those gives you access to the Mysterious Club!

Rewards: At level 20 you unlock a shop that contains two mecha models, one Non-Star Captain and the other Star Captain. There are also no weapons whatsoever.

Other Facts: Also at level twenty you unlock the Mysterious Club. This allows you fight Monkey, Punchy, and Whoopie, and allows you to hear all of the sounds of Mysterious Johnson (he has a few phrases). You also get access to wallpapers, a hat, and a necromancer speech. In the room you can find beach ball that when you hover your mouse over shows a counter. When it hits zero, the whole shop blows up and Mysterious Johnson has to go back in the past to recover it. If you punch Puncy (the punching bag) enough times you get to fight him. Clicking the barrel of monkeys lets you fight a monkey. If you click the whoopie cushion enough times you actually get to fight it (mysterious, eh?).

Tips and Tricks: Don’t give up if you run through a streak of not being able to capture any ghosts. You’re just having a string a bad of luck, and we all go through it. If you have enough hitpoints and you don’t capture the ghost on your first try, skip your next turn instead of attacking so you won’t accidentally kill the ghost, not gaining any rank.

Analysis of Rewards: two mediocre-at-best mecha models, one Non-Star Captain and the other Star Captain. Neither are good at all, and when compared to other mechas at around the same level requirement, they pale in comparison. I wouldn’t recommend buying either of the mecha models, as there are better ones to buy at level five and level eight. The fact that there are no weapons is a huge disappointment as well. Overall, completing the Mysterious Johnson zone bears no significance whatsoever, and it should not be too high on anyone’s to-do list.

Enjoy! As always, please feel free to post your feedback to my review, your own thoughts, or any comments, questions, or concerns you have about Mysterious Johnson.


5 Responses to “Review/Guide: Mysterious Johnson”

  1. gamber said

    You might wanna change the “(weird, eh?)” in
    “If you click the whoopie cushion enough times you actually get to fight it (weird, eh?).” to “(Mysterious, eh?)” 😉
    other than that this seems like a pretty good guide.

  2. sinani200 said

    Ah, nice idea!

  3. Ken said

    It’s funny when you get to fight the Whoopee Cushion!

  4. sinani200 said

    It’s definitely one of AE’s wackiest enemies in its history.

  5. jamester said

    I prefer the roll a dice way of going up levels because it is so boring fighting the same ghosts all the time.

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