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Analysis Of 4/9/08 Update

Posted by The Peanut Master on April 9, 2008

After having completed the new MechQuest update where we *finally* get to go into outer space in our star ships, I’d like to respond to the update and give my thoughts about it.

About: This new update finally allows us to use our star ships to explore a new zone separate from Soluna City. The destination? The moon, of course! But to get to the moon, you must do a few things. First, you must have completed the Sys-Zero missions as well as have the ship parts quest completed. Next, make sure you have 10K, and if you do, head over to Pontimech where you will buy a new car (for 10K). With this car, you will go to the White Castle (the screen to the far right with the parking jam) and play a quick minigame (like the Pontimech minigame that has been out for a while). As long as you don’t die, you will succeed and enter the White Castle. From there, you will talk to the Kingadent, who will give you permission to fly your ship to the moon. After, you will exit and go to your very own star ship, where you will then fly off to the moon to begin the quest. Btw, while flying there, you will see a pretty awesome cut scene, if I do say so myself. Anyways, when you land on the moon the objective will be to defeat the rebels, and to do this you will have to search the moon for enemies to defeat (right now there are two possible enemies: the Rebel Trooper and Rebel Delta). The objective is to attain ten power cells, and to get these you must defeat an enemy. Keep in mind that you won’t always get a power cell! Once you get ten, you will find a black magic box (sound familiar?) and upon opening it you will see a truly awesome cut scene where the Rebels are brutally dominated by us GEARS Students! Go us! That signals the end of the quest, however, you can still defeat more rebels if you so please.

My Opinion: Personally, I think this is an awesome update. AE has really set the bar high for off-Soluna City missions. The cut scenes were stunning, the new enemies looked great and played well, the storyline is developing quite nicely, and the overall quality of the layout was fantastic. There really isn’t a whole lot for me to complain about. Obviously I’m disappointed my luck wasn’t running too high while playing through the quest (I ran through what felt like 20 monsters before getting a power cell), but that’s more of a testament to my luck than to AE’s final product. Well done AE, keep it up!

Summary of Enemy Monsters: This new zone releases two new scaled enemy mechas, the Rebel Trooper and Rebel Delta. While each do slightly different attacks and look slightly different, there isn’t anything else that separates the two. They do virtually the same damage and give the same amount of experience and credits per kill. The animations for the monsters was extremely well done too.

Possible Farming Strategies: This new zone opens up what I believe to be the best overall farming strategy in the game. The current unanimous experience monster, Kerberos (which has just 140 hitpoints and gives 100 experience, taking about three turns to kill with the best setup) is easily eclipsed by the new monsters (which has 320 hitpoints and gives 200 experience, taking about five turns to kill with the best setup). It is debatable where the best credit farming is to be found, but I would definitely recommend the moon as a top choice, given the fact that the new enemies give a whopping 1925 credits (for the level 20 version) per kill. Overall, the new enemies make a huge splash in the farming world, and I would recommend training here as your #1 option.

Rewards: The only downside to this update was the rewards (or lack thereof). Unfortunately, this new zone did not open up any rewards besides the new farming technique. This is obviously not good news, but the rest of the update was so jam-packed and overall well-done that I can cut AE some slack for not having any rewards. However, I am hoping that AE will put some kind of reward on the moon next week.

Overall Grade of Update: 9.5/10. Everything was pretty flawless if you ask me, and the only reason 0.5 was taken off was because of the lack of rewards. Two new awesome cut scenes, two new awesome enemy monsters, a great new farming place, an awesome overall layout, and actually being able to use star ships and I’d say that’s a pretty nice update. Definitely looking forward to the continuation of this chain!

Feel free to post your feedback on the update in the comments section below.


8 Responses to “Analysis Of 4/9/08 Update”

  1. Sinani201 said

    Good analysis! I can’t wait until the guide comes out.

  2. sinani200 said

    Thank you! For now this is going to be a temporary guide until I come out with an official one. This is really a reaction post with my initial thoughts on the update. I’ll make sure to put up a real review/guide post in the future, but for now this will suffice.

  3. peta said

    umm yeh on the PDA thing you can access a shop when you have the black box so yeh you might want to update

  4. sinani200 said

    Thanks for the comment! Currently there is a reward shop you can access, but when the update came out on Wednesday there was none. I only gave my analysis and grade on what was released on Wednesday, not on future days. But thanks for bringing that up. 🙂

  5. gamber said

    Good job, keep it up!

  6. sinani200 said

    I’ll do my best. 😉

  7. Ken said


  8. sinani200 said

    Yep. 🙂

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