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Review/Guide: Cinemech

Posted by The Peanut Master on April 9, 2008

Welcome to the Cinemech Review/Guide!

About: While Cinemech is not a major asset to MechQuest, it still has its own area, and therefore deserves its own post. Cinemech is not a profession, nor do you have to fight anything or play through quests. So what makes this place useful and worth your time to visit? Well, to be totally honest, nothing. But that doesn’t mean Cinemech doesn’t provide anything at all. There are two things you can do: You can watch the short movie D.F.A. or watch a sponsor video (currently the only one is a DragonFable video). D.F.A. (Death From Above) is a fantastic short video animated by the illustrious J6, and it’s definitely a must-see. D.F.A. is by far one of the best (if not the best) AE short movies they have created. The one sponsor video, a quick movie on DragonFable, is nice if you’re bored but does not provide anything worth seeing.

Rewards: If you watch a sponsor video you receive anywhere from 50 to 250 (approximately) credits. Watching D.F.A. does not give you a reward.

Other Facts: The owner (we assume) of Cinemech, Ballyhoo, makes her appearance in MechQuest here. She has been seen on both AdventureQuest and DragonFable and is one of the most popular characters Artix Entertainment has created. Also, you may only watch limited sponsor videos each day to gain credits.

Tips and Tricks: Err… well… there really aren’t any… try and enjoy the movies, okay?

Analysis of Rewards: The reward for watching a sponsor video is not that much and is not worth anyone’s time. The movie lasts too long to make the credits worthwhile, and even if it was, you could only gain a limited amount. Yes, this requires no battling and no concentration whatsoever, but that doesn’t overcome the fact that it’s a bad, terrible, awful, and dreadful way to gain credits. (Did I mention bad?)

As always, please feel free to post a comment in the comments section below. I welcome any and all feedback, so don’t be afraid!


5 Responses to “Review/Guide: Cinemech”

  1. sinani201 said

    It’s good, although I don’t think it’s really necessary to make a guide for the Cinemech. But besides that, I think the guide was great, because you put in all the information about the Cinemech. Good job.

  2. sinani200 said

    It’s true that Cinemech is not a major aspect of MechQuest. But, as I said in the guide, it still has its own building, and therefore deserves a post.

  3. ken said

    Isn’t Ballyhoo a female character?

  4. sinani200 said

    Ooh, you’re right, thanks for noticing that! 🙂

  5. Ken said

    No problem!

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