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The Super Post!!!

Posted by Chickencowlord on December 27, 2007

Here it is, likely the largest post that will ever be made on this blog

I have returned, so let’s get down to business!!!


The Chrsitmas war is finished, you can now face Xanta Clause with a special guest!! You can also get a test version of the DeathKnight armor with all skills unlocked!

Design Notes:

December 24th, 2007
Exciting News!

Lords and Ladies, we have 3 points on tonight’s agenda (I say tonight because it is nearly 2 AM, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE!)

FIRST! The Deathknight test armor has JUST been released! Ballyhoo has returned to DF with a BANG bringing a FREE test armor that ANY player can try on and use for as long as they like (Until Ballyhoo once again vanishes into the mists).

Just click on the Ballyhoo button in town, watch the sponsored content, and then the armors is yours to wear until you log out! You can go back and get the armor as many times as you like, as often as you like! Enjoy!

SECOND! Artix, Canon (my real life roommate), Alces and my friend Tempus all got together and got me a WICKED Electric Ukulele! Here is Mr. Fancy Pants (my Uke) next to Canon’s guitar, which is apparently his big brother.

But Cysero, you say, I wasn’t aware that you knew how to play the uke. I don’t, dear friends, but when has that ever stopped any of us from doing anything? This pretty much seals the deal for my place in the band.

THIRD: You guys are nearing the end of the Frostval ’07 war, and soon you will be facing Xanta Claus. IF you are powerful enough to defeat him (I wonder how many of you will admit defeat?) then you will unlock Act 4 of A Frostvale Tale. That is the post-war town of Frostvale where many gifts and surprises await both free and DA player alike. But i feel that i should prepare you for one of the surprises. You know that little Music checkbox in your sound options? You might want to flip that puppy into the ON position.

I doubt that I will be updating the Design Notes on Christmas so I’ll take the time now to say that I hope that whatever you celebrate around this time of year brings you peace, happiness and at least a bit of unexpected joy (The unexpected kind is the best kind). Happy Frostval to One and All!

And On Christmas:

December 25th, 2007
Merry Christmas!

The war has reached 100% and many have you commented very positively on the Xanta fight, and the Act 4 Frostvale! For those of you who were too busy getting real presents, the town will stay up for a while so you will have a chance to grab the gifts from the frost moglins before they unwrap themselves closer to the new year.

There have also been quite a few positive comment made on the music in the post-war Frostvale. This little music loop was composed and performed by my real-life roomate and best friend, Canon.

It went kinda like this:
Canon: *Picks up phone* Hello?
Cysero: Hey dude, if I asked you make a music loop to go in this year’s post-war Frostvale in three days, do you think that you could do it?
Canon: I can try.
Cysero: Kthanksbye.
Canon: Later.

*One half hour later*

Canon: Listen to this and let me know how on target you think I am for what you need.
Cysero: *listens to 35 second wav. file* THAT’S PERFECT!
Canon: … Well, it’s not quite done yet…
Cysero: *music still looping in the background* Artix wants to know if he can use it in the online holiday card.
Canon: …Just give me a few minutes to finish it…
Cysero: Thanks, we’ll use it right away! Artix is adding the file to the online card now.
Canon: *sigh*

*3 minutes pass*

Canon: Here.
Cysero: *listens to finished music loop* Wow, you’re right. That’s way better.
Canon: Told ya.

This is his first bit of music for DF, and the first real music loop that we’ve actually had (the Dracolitch doesn’t loop and the cave music isn’t REALLY real music). If you guys like it, let us know and we can start adding more loops like this to the game. It makes the load take a little bit longer but In the end, you guys really tell US what to do, this is YOUR game… so whatever you like, we add (if we can).

Thanks for making this a great year for DF and a great year for the Artix Entertainment community. We’ve got big plans for the upcoming year, and the game will only keep growing. With your help, it will KEEP being one of the best games on the internet! Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

I’m going to go practice my uke more.


No release yesterday, but a while ago the site got a new layout with icons next to the updates. The presents opened too, they were a special head that can deal damage. Also the Mech 101 class came out last friday and soon Soluna should be completed.


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