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New Dragonfable DNs!

Posted by Chickencowlord on December 21, 2007

Notice: I will be inactive on the blog until December 27th due to Christmas


December 21th, 2007
The Battle to Save Frostvale Continues!
Cutscene #2 was just unlocked
We have just discovered that Ice Master Yeti is NOT behind this! What is Xan doing playing with ice magic? Xanta Claus!? Things are really heating up… erm… cooling up in Frostvale as you and your fellow adventurers continue on the path to the grand finale.

As a special reward, if you beat the war by the end of next week, we will release the highly anticipated third Titan fight next Friday! TWO massive endings in one week. Can you think of a better way to end 2007?

Art Contest Judging
The submissions for the art contest are amazing! Everyone who participated did an incredible job. Rolith and I are putting together the page to show off the winners now — we think you will like it. I am also getting ready to write this weeks newsletter which will contain some more hints about what is coming next week and tell everyone to come look at your creations!

Gift Certificates
Safiria and Nythera have been getting a lot of emails from parents and friends who wanted to five gift certificates for DragonAmulets this holiday season. AQ has had them for a while but we never had time to get a system built. A special thanks to Captain Rhubarb for stepping in and getting it working at the last minute (Go Capt go!) Gift Certificates are now available for DragonFable.

No official release today. 😦

Oh well, I still have the Club Penguin Party.

I will once again thank you all for helping this blog get a good amount of views for just 3 days. Apply to blog with me at the help wanted page. You will be an author with a possible promotion to partner if you are trustworthy enough.


5 Responses to “New Dragonfable DNs!”

  1. bigbuddy b said

    anybody wanna give a newbie (sorta) a gift certificate ;D


    I would classify this as begging, please don’t do it again

  2. sandy said

    what do you use giftcertificate or game card anyway?

  3. bradley said


  4. bradley said


  5. bradley said

    who is this

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